Be nice! Nickelback comes to us from Hanna, Alberta. They sold over 50 million albums worldwide, so someone is buying their music.

You’d be wasting your time if you think making fun of Nickelback bothers them. Not to mention, they actually think some of the haters are pretty hilarious.

We all make fun of Nickelback – even I do it – and I don’t really know why. Maybe because they’ve cornered the market on what I call “Bro Rock.”

Nickelback is considered one of the most hated bands in the world, which has to hurt a little. Front man Chad Kroeger is confident that it’s just a case of the planet misunderstanding Nickelback’s lack of seriousness. And they don’t care.

In a recent interview, bassist Mike Kroeger (brother of Chad) was asked about Nickelback’s many critics, and if he is bothered by their high level of  scrutiny on social media.  He said, “I don’t really do social media anymore. I have my own Instagram, but I got off Twitter. I never did Facebook, thank God, but I got off Twitter a couple of years ago.”

He says he’s thinking about getting back on twitter, but is he nervous about re-joining social media in terms of experiencing hate? He’s not afraid of comments ’cause “I think sometimes even the ones that are a-holes can be really funny. If something is truly funny, it’s funny! Obviously, just to throw hate at something, like us, that’s just negative. But sometimes the haters can say some pretty funny things.”

Mike Kroger says that one thing the Internet kind of has fostered with sites like Reddit, is giving people a platform to try to “be funny.” Kroeger says, “A lot of people try to be funny, and that’s kind of the problem, because a lot of people aren’t funny. So I have to kind of weed through the amateurs to get to the good ones, ’cause there are some good ones in there. There are people who make fun of our band and are funny about it — I’ll have a great laugh when I see that — but there is also a contingent of people online who want to be funny, but they’re just not. And that’s just very sad to me.”

Some say Nickelback just came along at the wrong time. Nirvana was a successful band that popularized grunge in the 90s, and it seems that when Kurt Cobain died, they also took this genre to the grave. Others who were also in the grunge scene, decided to try different sounds, so they left a huge vacancy in this genre, which this band tried to fill.

For the fans attached to those successful Grunge bands, it wasn’t nice to see a post-grunge era emerging. And to see a band like Nickelback taking charge of this, wasn’t to their liking.

The lead vocalist of a rock band is usually a guy with a cool image, and some sort of rebelliousness. In the case of Nickelback, many believe Chad Kroeger just doesn’t have that look or feel.

Nickelback was actually the subject of a study by the University of Eastern Finland, which made a publication called “Hypocritical Bullshit Performed Through Gritted Teeth: Authenticity Discourses in Nickelback’s Album Reviews in Finnish Media.” 

The study showed that Nickelback copied big influences but did not bring anything new to scene. They appropriated certain characteristics of famous bands that had some excellent commercial success, but didn’t know how to  “bring their own essence into their songs.”

Like em, or hate em, Nickelback’s new album, Get Rollin’ was released on November 18.

Now enjoy some of funniest Nickelback tweets – especially the one from THEM.

  • If you play a Nickelback song backwards -

    If you play a Nickelback song backwards, you hear messages from the devil. Even worse, if you play it forwards you hear Nickelback.

  • Warning:

    If you see posts offering a “free clip of the new Nickelback album” DO NOT CLICK. It links to a free clip of the new Nickelback album.

  • Holiday Nickleback fun:

    Due to a coal shortage, Santa will be giving all bad little girls and boys Nickelback CD’s.

  • Nickelback walks into a bar -

    – there’s no punchline, because ruining music isn’t funny.

  • And this is an ACTUAL Nickelback tweet:

    Yes, we suck. We get it. Just shut the f#$& up and let us keep making millions of dollars! #stfu

    Props, because they know – and they don’t care!

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