We live in Las Vegas,  so  we should at least know the basics of ordering drinks, and cocktailing etiquette.

Historically, bartending was a part-time job. Something you did to get customer service experience or as a transitional job in college. But that’s changed dramatically. Bartending is a career now, and it has to be to keep up with the demands for new and changing drink menus, cram-packed with craft cocktails – that we don’t want to make ourselves!

Bartenders are now Mixologists. They’re professionals at their craft, who take pride in their career.

Bartenders also tend to be great listeners and are often able to offer advice on all types of things. Who doesn’t get a little chatty after their third or fourth drink? Lucky for us, bartenders also tend to be really good at keeping their thought to themselves.  – like the things you do that they secretly hate.

Here’s something to help you out next time you hit up happy hour. Someone asked bartenders to name those annoying things customers do.  Here are a few things bartenders hate – read up – because you’ll probably get better service.

-Carla Rea

  • When you open and close your tab a million times. 

    Be honest – you know you’re not just having one!


  • When you order a drink, wait for them to make it, and then tack on more. 

    “Can I also have a martini?”  And when they hand it to you, “and four Long Islands.”  “And also….” Just put your whole order in at once!

    One more drink

  • When you ask for "just a little ice" in your drink and think it means more booze.

    It’s tacky, and it really means more of everything BUT booze!

    Ice in glass

  • When you think the bartender is into you. 

    It’s their job to be nice, and maybe even a little flirty. I mean, remember that stripper that was totally into you?/ Exactly…

    Flirty bartender

  • When you ask what beers they have, and they list 27 different options -

    – then you say, “Bud Light’s fine.” Dear God – branch out! Try a local IPA they were nice enough to tell you about!

    Beer taps

  •  When you walk in five minutes before they close

    You see all the chairs on tables but still ask, “Can I still get a drink?”

    Bar is closed

  • When you ask for a weird off-the-wall drink

    YOU know it’s something you read about online once, so don’t act surprised when they’ve never heard of it before.

    Making fancy cocktails


  • When you try to be "helpful" by wadding up napkins and putting them inside your empty glass

    We’ve all done it! But now they just have to dig in there and get them out.

    Messy bar napkins

    Paper coffee napkin bar white background circle

  • When you're drunk at the end of the night, and you look at your receipt perplexed

    “Excuse me, bartender – this can’t be right!!” It’s right.

    Disputing bar tab

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