Here’s a nice little website that will take all the extra wording out of a site and give you just the recipe!  Have you ever scanned the internet for a recipe, then find it, but have to scroll through pages of the persons life or experience, before even getting the ingredients list?  Here’s a nice little hack that will take you straight to the goods!


Step 1:

Copy the URL of the website that has the recipe on it, cluttered with a bunch of ads, pictures, and other things not pertaining to the recipe

Step 2:

Go to this website…

Step 3:

Paste the URL in the box and click “Get Recipe” Button

The website will remove all the unnecessary and only give you the ingredients list and step by step instructions. It even gives you an option to print it out nicely or save it!



If you’re looking to build a recipe binder and have it look somewhat organized, this site will come in handy and eliminate you having to sift through all the unnecessary stuff to get the info you need to cook your favorite dish!  Hope this helps and HAPPY COOKING!