Talking Solutions

Sundays 6:30am - 7:00am


It’s Time For Solutions.

Talking Solutions

Talking Solutions is a weekly public affairs show. Every Sunday Wendy Rush chats with a local non-profit representative about the issues in Clark County. Together with her guest, Wendy discusses topics that are timely and most-concerning in our community.

Issues discussed include education, domestic violence, foster care, child abuse, hospice and palliative care, blood and organ donation, mental health, and more. Events and fundraisers that are coming up in the community are also a main topic on the show.

Wendy’s style of interviewing is very conversational. She invites her guests to talk about their passion. To share their “why” as much as their “what”. By doing so, Wendy hopes to not only inform her listeners about issues in the community, but also inspire. As an improv-enthusiast, Wendy might even throw in a little humor here and there, when appropriate.

We invite you to sit down and join the conversation. As stated in the show intro, “We’re not here to talk about problems. Our community is a family. We’re all in this together. That’s why we are talking solutions.” We believe everyone in our community is connected and encourage listeners to carry on the conversation after the show is over.

Personal note from Wendy: “On Talking Solutions, we’re just sitting down and having coffee and talking about what we can do to make our community even better than it is. I am a big advocate for volunteer work. I can testify that it changes the life of the one helping as much as the one being helped. For this reason, I will often discuss volunteer opportunities on the show. And hope you’ll take advantage of what is available in Clark County and get involved. Thank you so much for wanting to be part of the conversation!”

Talking Solutions can be heard every Sunday at 6:30am on 96.3KKLZ.