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Mike & Carla Morning Show Podcast: Show #1605

Monday, February 19th, 2019:  On today's podcast, Mike & Carla talked about who you were secretly married to.  Plus, M&C talked about this household kitchen item that is more toxic than standing on a busy street corner, a "Golden Girl's" themed cruise and much more in this episode of The Mike & Carla Morning Show!

Using Spoiled Milk To Make What?!

A company in Florida is using spoiled milk to create this!  A women in Australia caught a flasher in a park by dressing up in a gorilla suite!  Plus a drunk woman beat up her fiance after he said no to this.  And a man dressed up a Walmart worker to steal this from the…

1 In 10 People Admitted To This During A Date!

1 in 10 people admitted to doing this during a date.  Plus a bride tells a good friend she can't be a bridesmaid because of this physical trait.  Plus a man locks both sets of keys in his car, asks for help, but ends up being arrested!

Mike & Carla's KISS Vow Renewal!

Mike & Carla's KISS vow renewal was last night at KISS By Monster Mini Golf!  Carla ended up going home this morning, because of how awesome it was.  Here's a recap of it all....all the way down to Carla's singing, which is why we think she lost her voice!

Man Uses Handicap Scooter To Get Away!

A man stole from Walmart and used their motorized scooters as his getaway to the parking lot!  Plus a woman returns an overdue library book 72 years later!  And a man went with his girlfriend to get her taxes done, so while he waited, he did this!