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Watch it LIVE: Vow Renewal Ceremony with Mike & Carla!

Be our special guest in the most romantic group vow renewal ceremony ever to hit Las Vegas! Mike & Carla will host a very special Valentine's vow renewal with the winning couples from our KISS/Rock-n-Roll Vow Renewal contest! You can watch all the action starting at 6pm PT by clicking HERE to view the livestream as…

Mike & Carla Morning Show Podcast: Show #1604

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019:  On today's podcast, Mike & Carla talked about Carla's sick day yesterday.  Plus another major concert announcement!  And what foods did you mom make you when you were sick?  Plus do you own Vintage Tupperware? It could be worth money!  And it's Wednesday, so it's another edition of Kazookioki Wednesday!  All…

Walmart Is Making This Famous Food Combo Into Cereal!

Walmart is taking this famous food combo and making it into a cereal!  A guy in Maine robbed a bank, but slipped while running away!  Plus 2 guys decided to rob a home, but found this scary surprise when they entered it!  And a woman was arrested for doing this at her local Starbucks!

Mike & Carla Morning Show Podcast: Show #1603

Monday, February 11th, 2019:  On today's podcast, Mike & Carla talked about the quick snow that hit Vegas yesterday.  Plus we recapped the Grammy's!  And we debuted "Mike & Carla's 5 Questions" today!  Plus we talked about Marie Kondo and cleaning out your closets.  All this and more on this episode of The Mike &…