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For almost 30 years, Las Vegas has grown up with Mike O’Brian on the airwaves. His on-air partner, comedian Carla Rea keeps the "funny" coming, in this top-rated, powerhouse morning show. With 50 years of entertaining Las Vegas under their belts, this dynamic duo is a morning show staple with their creative content and local familiarity, they’re unmatched on the Vegas airwaves!

Thief's Try To Rob A Spy Shop!

A Mexican Restaurant in Australia is now serving this tropical fruit in their burritos! Robbers in Florida tried to rob a spy shop! Florida woman and her daughter Ubered to a Dollar Store to steal Peanut Butter Cups! And a 13-year-old from Russia is recovering from the removal of a tooth from a part of…

Mike & Carla Morning Show Podcast: Show #1672

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019:  On today's podcast, Mike & Carla talked about couples sleeping in different beds or, in some cases, different rooms. We wanted to know what your sleeping and living arrangements are with your partner. In honor of father's day coming up, we talked about the worst punishments we have received from our…

Mike & Carla Morning Show Podcast: Show #1670

Friday, June 7th, 2019:  On today's podcast, Mike & Carla talked about your favorite video games you played as a kid!  Jeff Howard stops by to review two big movies hitting the big screen!  Plus Celine Dion calls into the show! All this and more on this episode of The Mike & Carla Morning Show!