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Ok parents, I did it for you – combed through some of the most common teen slang that kids are using in 2023.

Now some of it you’ll be familiar with, because you ARE a parent, or an aunt, or uncle, or grandparent! But some of it may surprise you. Is your kid using weird terminology or phrases? I mean IRL, what the heck are they saying?

Keep in mind that popular slang terms often are attributed to Gen Z, TikTok, Instagram, or other parts of pop culture  It’s also important to note that so many of these words and phrases stem from the roots of African American Vernacular English (AAVE).

Okay Parents, Here’s The A-Z Slang Guide

Adults – here’s some help from A to Z:

  • And I oop — Used when something is really surprising or provocative
  • ASL — Age/sex/location
  • Basic — Someone who is boring, or a conforming person
  • Bet — A response indicating agreement. Example: “Wanna go to the store?” “Bet.”
  • Body count — The number of people someone has – well – had “relations” with
  • Bussin’ — Awesome. Example: These tacos are bussin’.
  • Cappin’ — Lying
  • CEO of (something) — To be the boss of some activity or thing. Example: “Jake is the CEO of sleeping in late.”
  • Egirl / Eboy — A young person with emo-inspired, punk-rock style (used to just be “emo.” I guess that’s too long now)
  • High key — 1. Very interested in 2. Actively spreading information
  • IRL – In real life
  • IYKYK — “If you know you know.” Implies that there’s an inside joke
  • Low key — 1. Somewhat interested in 2. Keeping information secret
  • Mid — Insult meaning “low quality” or “average.” Derives from “mid-tier”— not awful, but not great. Example: “The new Bad Bunny track is mid.”
  • No cap — Means that someone is not lying
  • Rizz — Derived from “charisma.” Someone who has “game” when it comes to dating. Example“Taylor just has that rizz, he’s so charming.”
  • Simp —Somebody who tries really hard and does a lot for their crush. Example: “You got Sloan three dozen roses? Stop being such a simp.”
  • Stan — A slang term meaning an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity
  • VSCO girl — someone whose is influenced by the VSCO photo-editing app.  The VSCO girl look is basically just the beachy-cool, laid-back vibe of an effortless California girl
  • WYA — Where you at?
  • WYD — What you doing?
  • YEET — 1. A very strong word for yes. 2. To throw something.
  • Zaddy — A well-dressed, attractive man of any age

As parents, you will eventually catch on to their kids slang, so often kids will opt for emojis instead of typing out full words. So here’s some help with the emoji slang – at least the ones I can get away with.

What Emojis Kids Are Using & What They Mean

  • The Peach

    It’s a booty, rear-end – a BUTT!


  • Panting Face

    Hot! Or HAWT!!


  • A Cap

    Symbolizes a lie, which could also be called a “cap.” (see above list)


  • The Devil

    Feeling frisky, or naughty, Or – nasty.


  • The Eyes

    Used when sending or receiving nudes.


  • Chili Pepper

    Indicates “spiciness.” (inappropriate or risque content)


  • Ear of Corn

    Represents “porn,” especially on TikTok


  • The Eggplant

    Please tell me you know.


  • A Taco

    Again, please tell me you know…


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