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The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Bloody Halloween party cocktail with bat. Halloween cranberry punch

Move over charcuterie platter – there’s a new food and wine pairing in town. There are so many different flavors in Halloween candies that unique wine pairings abound. Whether it’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate, sweet treats, sour treats, salty treats – there is a white wine,  out there to match.

In this wine lovers opinions, there’s not much that doesn’t go with wine. Even Halloween candy.

It’s far from the fancy pairings that sommeliers love, but if you’re the kind of person who enjoys the abundance of candy in October, and wine anytime of the year, then you’ll want to take a look at this list.

Wine pairings typically work by either contrasting or complementing different flavors. On Halloween, there are plenty of excessively sweet and sour flavors to contend with. You’ll want to keep that in mind with some of the sweeter wine suggestions. Although you normally might not be so inclined to sip a sweeter wine, in some cases it’s the perfect option to pair with a sweet dish – or in this case, candy.

The ideal wine pairing is always the one you like best. But if you want to savor your *childs* Halloween haul in style, it’s helpful to keep certain tips in mind when pairing wine with your Snickers, M&M’s and other candy.

Bon Appetit, cheers, and bottoms up!

-Carla Rea

  • Candy Corn (eww)

    This god-awful candy has been around for about 100 years! An oaked aged chardonnay will go best with the nasty candy corn. It has a smooth, creamy texture, and a buttery flavor that actually complement pairing with candy corn. If nothing else, it will wash away the candy corn taste!

    Candy Corn

  • Sour Patch Kids

    PAINFULLY sour, but fun to eat. Sparkling rosé is really versatile. It balances soft tannins with a little effervescence and fruity flavors. With Sour Patch Kids, try one with berry aromas and a refreshing crispness to complement the sweet and tart elements of the Sour Patch Kids.

    Sour taste

  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

    This is such an iconic candy, and prominent taste, so go for an equally bold wine to stand up to the sweet nd salty duo. Shiraz offers a range of flavors including chocolate, berries, jam, tobacco, and spices. Wines made with this grape tend to be fuller-bodied yet pleasantly smooth going down.

    Wine Grapes

  • Kit Kat Bars

    Kit Kat BarsThe delicate wafer center and milk chocolate coating work well with red fruit and spice flavors. Pinot noir is a good bet. Meiomi pinot noir from California is a top seller, and its jammy berry and hint of toasted mocha notes make it a delicious match for a KitKat bar.


  • Starburst

    Try pairing these juicy chewable sweet treats with a bubbly bottle of Lambrusco. Made with grapes from Italy’s Emilia Romagna region, these wines come in an array of styles. From subtle bubbles to complete carbonation, and bone dry to pimply sweet, you’ll find it all. Riunite is a cheap, all purpose Lambrusco, but there are far better ones out there. However, you’re drinking it with Starburst, so – maybe don’t blow the bank on a good one.

    Levizzano vinyard in Italy


  • Hershey's Kisses

    The original milk chocolate is always a winner in my book! Zinfandel (NOT the cheapy, gross white) is often made into bold wines with jammy fruit, oak, and vanilla flavors – the perfect match for Hershey’s Kisses. Klinker Brick old vine zinfandel has notes of dark fruits and toasted oak, which offer a lively contrast to the sweet milk chocolate. The tannins are subtle and smooth, making it a great wine to wash down Kiss after Kiss after Kiss…

    Hershey's Kisses

    Wine pairings with Halloween candy


  • Snickers

    The original snickers has it all: nougat, caramel, and peanuts coated in milk chocolate. Sauternes is a dessert wine from Bordeaux, France, made using late-harvest grapes that have noble rot. Sounds weird, yes – but it’s delicious. The effect is rich, sweet, and honeyed, with aromas of dried and candied fruits, spices, coconut, caramel, and more – depending on the age.  It can get be pricey, because the grapes are often hand-picked individually, but there are some reasonable Sauternes.


    Nic_Ol via Getty Images





  • Junior Mints

    Ahhh, Junior Mints! Chocolaty and cool – though I always think Seinfeld. To match this dramatic range of flavors, a bold cabernet sauvignon is the way to go! Generally a grape with aromas of dark fruits, leather, cedar, and a sometimes minty finish.  Together both complement and contrast the peppermint filling. Smooth tannins round this out and prevent the chocolate from tasting too bitter. Rodney Strong or Daou are both very nice.


  • Pop Rocks

    First off, if you haven’t experienced the sensory delights of a mouth filled with Pop Rocks, you’re missing out big time! Pop Rocks come in assorted fruity flavors both sweet and sour, so pair them with a bottle of Prosecco to highlight the bubbly fun of the duo. La Marca Prosecco is a blend of fruity flavors, like peach, lemon, and green apple softened with a touch of sweetness, that will compliment this fizzy mouthful nicely, and give you a little party in your mouth – which sounds weird, but so be it.





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