As Electric Daisy Carnival unfurls in Mexico, we can’t help but dream about the next EDC in Vegas. However, if you’re thinking, “What the heck is Electric Daisy Carnival?” Well, let us explain.

Electric Daisy Carnival — also referred by its abbreviation “EDC” — is a three-day festival filled with a wide array of electronic music, debauchery and art. DJs of all calibers perform, and it’s a weekend where the Las Vegas Motor Speedway turns into a festival of unity, self-expression and love.

During a time when the Covid-19 pandemic ripped apart normalcy, Electric Daisy Carnival was one of the events that suffered. The festival organizers canceled the three-day long festival. However in October 2021, the festival resumed back at the Motor Speedway, and the event attracted thousands of people from across the globe.

Many of those who attended said it was almost like a family reunion after a turbulent year, and “ravers” missed the pulsating music, craziness of the festival and the community.

Whether you’re 21 or 51, EDC is a festival that can cater to everyone. The festival’s theme is a carnival one, and amusement rides dot the festival grounds. Cuttingedge stage productions and interactive art installations makes the festival much more than simply a “musical” one.

There’s also the option of camping near the concert grounds with your “rave family, which many people believe is part of the overall “experience.” Couples can even get married at the festival with an official ceremony.

People from across the world plan and prepare for this multisensory carnival experience, which is less than 100 days away! Kaskade, Diplo, The Chainsmokers, and Subtronics were just a few of the many trailblazing acts from last year’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

Are you excited for this year’s? Because we definitely are. If you’re not then here are 7 set-moments that have been stuck with us ever since last year’s EDC.

WARNING: These may give you serious FOMO.

  • 7. Ten Years of Tiësto!

    He’s a staple on the Las Vegas Strip, a well-known headliner and a well-respected name in the electronic dance community. Tiëstos set at EDCs 2021 festival was a performance that left us speechless, and it was equally historical. The DJ is the only person to have performed at all 10 EDCs in Las Vegas.Tiësto Performing

  • Click here to listen to Tiësto's EDC set while you scroll down!

  • 6. DJ Snake

    The sounds of DJ Snake is the perfect music to accompany the Vegas heat. When DJ Snake plays, memories of tropics and palm trees can usually be recollected. His set at EDC 2021 was just as fun! Electric Daisy Carnival

    He performed early projects and fan-favorites that made the crowd dance and jump. Kid Laroi also made a guest appearance during DJ Snakes set, too. One of the best moments from the set was DJ Snakes performance of his song “Loco Contigo.”

  • 5. The Chainsmokers

    The vibes and stage presence were immaculate with The Chainsmokers, who performed their hits and created a perfect environment for dancing.The Chainsmokers

  • 4. Alesso

    The powerhouse producer and DJ Alesso wowed the EDC audience with a powerful and provocative set. The mainstay performer even gave EDCgoers a taste of new music with freshly released songs during his set.

    Electric Daisy Carnival

  • 3. Kygo

    Kygos performance headlined and took over a major stage at the festival. Along with Alesso, the songwriter and record producer also teased the audience with new music and still performed his classical sunkissed house music

    Electric Daisy Carnival

    His EDC set was another example of his skills, variety of sound and why huge reverb is an amazing thing!

  • 2. Zedd

    This set sent people into a euphoric craze. Zedd, another DJ who has a residency in Las Vegas, mashed up music from “Squid Games,” with Acrazes song “Do It To It.”

    Electric Daisy Carnival

    This mix created an atmosphere that was energetic and experimental compared to Zedds pervious performances.

  • 1. Kaskade

    Kaskades performance was the epitome of an entertaining set, and it was unlike any that he’s done before.

    The iconic DJ proved that his skills articulate the music, so people are able to feel every beat and sound. Everything in Kaskades set is purposeful, enticing and the angelic voices he puts over his tracks feel like stardustElectric Daisy Carnival Kaskade

    His EDC set proved that although he’s the “originaltechno DJ, his sound is forever innovate and experimental, which is why his songs are timeless auditory experiences.