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Being that it’s Tuesday, February 21st, today is the day that we all celebrate National Pancake Day. What better day to offer FREE pancakes and celebrate! In fact, the pancake is the oldest breakfast item in history dating back to the Stone Age, according to National Today!

The Mike & Carla Morning Show mentioned that IHOP is notorious for celebrating with FREE pancakes until 7pm on this glorious day! But to love a pancake, you need to know the history of the pancake. Simply made with milk, eggs, flour and oil or butter, they are quite the variations of flapjacks that have developed over the years.

Hotcakes, as they are also known as, are sort of like pizzas in that you can top them off to your delight! Whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries and any berry for that matter. Syrup, not syrup, butter on top, no butter on top. We’ve even seen a person top a stack off with bananas and chocolate chips!

It all has to do with your personal taste and desire. But where do you go to find a good stack of hotcakes? Or do you trust your own instincts and just make them at home? Here in Las Vegas, we have a lot of options. Being open 24/7, there’s quite a few places to choose from. What’s odd is that many of the places don’t even have the name “pancake” in the name of the place.

Depending on what side of town you live or the area of the valley you reside, we’re all sure that everyone has their own favorite place to grab a stack. The cool thing is that it’s no always those famous chains, but the cool “mom & pop” that offer the best.

With that said, we’ve listed a few places to grab a stack of “Johnnycakes” here in our fair city. They are not rated in any order, but some of the places that we think you might try if you haven’t already. Oh, and take advantage of the FREE hotcakes at IHOP if you do anything today!

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