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When it comes to drinking coffee, where does the city of Las Vegas rank in the list of over 100 cities in America? There was research done to find out the best cities in America to drink for coffee…which has changed in the last couple of years or so. More and more coffee drinkers are going out for their cup of “Joe” instead of making a home brew first thing in the morning…and clearly the cost of a cup doesn’t matter.

The results of the study published by Wallethub, compared 100 of the biggest cities in the country across 12 categories including the following: the number of coffee shops and roasters, the amount of those that actually drink coffee, average price in that specific area and events in that metro area related to coffee.

Oh, and just so you know, The National Coffee Association found that more than 66% of Americans will down a cup every day, with the average person drinking 3 cups a day! Not sure of your intake, but a fact to keep in mind when trying to figure out if you’re “average” or not!

So what are the Best Cities in America for Coffee? Now you would think that big cities like New York, Chicago or even Los Angeles would rank near the top just by the shear population of those markets…but guess again! In fact the three biggest cities in the country don’t even rank in the Top 10!

On the flipside, the worst cities for coffee…at the bottom of the list: Detroit! Also near the bottom, Toledo, Ohio, Laredo and Corpus Christi, Texas, as well as Memphis, Tennessee. So where does Las Vegas fall on this list? You would think with all the people that come in from all over the world and coffee being a necessity to stay awake in this 24 hour town, we would be near the top or at least in the Top 10…but NOPE!

Las Vegas actually comes in at #21 on the list…which, if you think about it, isn’t that bad! You have to think with that ranking, we’re considered “above” average when it comes to coffee. So what are the Best Cities in America for Coffee? Scroll down and see what cities made the Top 5…and enjoy!

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    Portland, Oregon

    Joe_Potato via Getty Images

    If you’ve ever been to the city of Portland, it makes for a good “coffee” city just based on the location and weather…cold and rainy!


    Honolulu, Hawaii

    Koji via Getty Images

    Guess there’s something to be said for a good cup of Joe first thing in the morning looking at the beautiful sunrise over the ocean!


    Orlando, Florida

    rabbit75_ist via Getty Images

    Not sure how Orlando got into the Top 5, maybe those that live there just need to stay awake to live there!


    Seattle, Washington

    jsonsteby via Getty Images

    The big surprise here is that Seattle is NOT #1! But you knew it had to be at least in the Top 5 right?


    San Francisco, California

    kevinjeon00 via Getty Images

    Well, here it is, the Best City in America for Coffee! It’s the city by the bay that seems to be the best when it comes to grabbing a cup of coffee…so there ya go!