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Where does Las Vegas rank for those thinking about getting away for the holidays…it might be good to know what cities rank where when it comes to Thanksgiving! According to Wallethub, Las Vegas is NOT number one, but it does rank in the Top 5…but first you have to know how these cities were scored.

A lot of people take the time during the holidays not only to get out of town, but it’s a chance to visit those family and friends we don’t get to see all that too often. With Thanksgiving, you get that four day weekend and chance to really take advantage of time when it comes to traveling.

Now consider this, one hundred cities were involved in this research project and 20 key metrics used to determine where each city landed on the list.  But most of all, the main scores were reached on how each city scored when it came to Thanksgiving traditions, affordability, safety, accessibility and more.

One other main metric was considered as well…how much does a Thanksgiving dinner cost in each specific city. Now considering just those factors, a lot of us who live here would think, how does Las Vegas even crack the Top 10? Well, you might be surprised.

It was surprising that some warm climate cities didn’t make the Top 10, for example Scottsdale, Arizona…warm, touristy, shopping, restaurants and plenty of things to do came in at #12. Another city that you would think might be considered a holiday destination, Miami, Florida…barely made it into the top cities coming in at #10!

So with all that said, what cities did make the Top 5? The fact that we can say Las Vegas is right there is nice to know, but to see where we landed as a great getaway city for Thanksgiving, scroll down to check out the Top 5 and be prepared to be shocked (SHOCKED)!

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    Got to be honest, this one surprised everyone! How Gilbert, Arizona got into the Top 5 on this list is amazing, but maybe there’s something about this Arizona town that we don’t know about!

    Thanksgiving in Gilbert Arizona

    SimeonDonov via Getty Images


    Nice city and evidently it’s a great place to visit during the Thanksgiving Day holiday! Plenty to do, places to see and a Thanksgiving Day dinner is affordable…this is why we think this North Carolina city came in at #4 on the list!

    Thanksgiving in Raleigh, NC

    visiostyle via Getty Images


    Here we go…LAS VEGAS baby! #3 on the best cities to visit during the holiday weekend. Plenty of shops, great restaurants and of course, lots of fun things to keep you occupied during the weekend!

    Las Vegas

    Joecho-16 via Getty Images


    Well, you have Disney World, Epcot Center and Universal Studios all in one beautiful city! Maybe it’s one of the main reasons as to why this Florida city made it up to #2 on the list of cities the best to visit during Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving in Orlando Florida

    aphotostory via Getty Images

  • #1 Atlanta, Georgia

    Great city and a lot of fun no matter what time of the year you visit…but is it Las Vegas? Don’t think so, but all the planets aligned and it tops the list of best cities to visit during the Thanksgiving Weekend!

    Atlanta Georgia

    Booblgum via Getty Images

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