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There are those things that we will pay a few extra bucks for and “splurge” on when shopping. It’s normally those things that we need or want and feel that it’s worth spending a few extra bucks on! Maybe they used to cheap out on it . . . but once we got a little taste of luxury, we can’t go back. Askredditt recently published a thread where people are talking about their splurges online, and the highlights include: gas, underwear, even eggs!

So, The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to know what those items were that you would actually spend a few extra dollars on even though there’s a similar product right next to it in the store. Ironically enough, Carla Rea had mention “eggs” as one item she will spend a little more on than the average. No real reason as to why…maybe it’s the size, the texture, who knows, could be where the eggs are from for all we know, but it’s not unusual!

We all have our little things…or sometimes, huge items that for whatever our reason might be, even though we probably can’t afford it, we’ll find the extra dollars to buy it. Other items we tend to splurge on include: Cheese,  Coffee, even Garbage Bags!

But where do you draw the line? Even tools made the list of things that we splurge on, which if you think about it, makes sense especially if you are that kind of man or woman who is a “do it yourself’er” around the house!

Well, whatever it is you spend an extra buck on, you might want to scroll down and see what items made it into the Top 5…you might be surprised at what came in at #1! See if you agree or not, either way enjoy!

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    AnnaStills via Getty Images

    It would make sense that clothes would make the Top 5…look good, feel good right?



    Viktoriia Hnatiuk via Getty Images

    In this day of technology, everyone is willing to pay a bit more for a good set of headphones and/or earbuds!



    Totojang via Getty Images

    Well, if you think about it, it’s where we spend most of our time…at least that’s what they tell us!



    AlexRaths via Getty Images

    Now that we have to be that much more careful and washing our hands two to three times a day…you probably should be using the best right?



    Malkovstock via Getty Images

    I guess when it comes to driving safety, you will spend the money on the best windshield wipers available…maybe that’s why it came in at #1 on the list!


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