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The discussion has always been what fast food places offer up the BEST French Fries and that debate can go on forever. But what are you willing to put on your fries to make them even that much better. Well, it’s a good question, but then to find out what some people will NOT put on their French fries is a totally different conversation.

Now keep in mind all the types of fries there are to dive into! Curly, Waffle, Crinkle Cut, Cottage fries and much more!

However, according to a poll on Reddit, they wanted to know how people ate their French fries from…especially when the fries came from McDonalds.  A lot of people will agree that when it comes to fries, the Golden Arches score very high. But it was pretty amazing at how some fans are very specific about what they are will to add to the fried potatoes to make them that much better.

A little over 6% said they had to dip them in a sweet and sour sauce. Most kids would tell you that dipping them in a chocolate shake isn’t bad either. But what is the one thing that some said they would NEVER add to their French fries to add to the taste? While some fans were a little shocked by this, it might have something to do with their health!

2% of those that added to the poll said that they prefer their fries WITHOUT SALT! It’s like WHAT? But we get it…some people just don’t like salt on anything. Now keep in mind you can always ask for French fries without salt at any place.

So what are the Top 3 condiments that people like to eat their French fries with? Hmmmm…scroll down a little further to find out. By the way, mark July 13th on your calendar…National French Fry Day!

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  • #3 BBQ SAUCE

    It might be only 7% right now, but that’s how many people love to have a side of BBQ Sauce with their pile of fries no matter where they are from! So it might be only a small group, but it come in at #3 on the list!

    BBQ Sauce

    HandmadePictures via Getty Images

  • #2 KETCHUP

    Surprising that 39% said ketchup is their favorite when having fries. Now you would think it would be a lot more, but good enough to come in at #2 on the list!


    Ketchup with fries

    Grafner via Getty Images

  • #1 NOTHING

    Ha Ha! Trick question! 49% of those that took the survey said they don’t like anything on their fries! Salt, Ketchup, BBQ Sauce…nothing! So when it comes to condiments with your fries, if you are someone who eats them with NOTHING, you are not alone!

    Fresh French Fries

    PotaeRin via Getty Images