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“What do I get mom for Mother’s Day?” It’s right around the corner, so now’s the time to ask yourself,  Looks like we found you a few great ideas for you. The Mike & Carla Morning Show love sharing ideas. Now keep in mind these ideas won’t be the typical card with store bought flowers. According to Good Housekeeping, these are some ideas that might even surprise your Mom.

So with that said, this Sunday is a very special day, so you want to be original, creative and imaginative. So, here are a few ideas that might help you decide what to buy!  Now one of the great ideas might be #20, a personalized jigsaw puzzle for mom. It’s a picture of the kids in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Even if she’s not into puzzles, it’s the thought of the gift that will impress her.

What Should I Get My Mom?

On the list at #29, it’s a Family Birthday Tracker…once again, it’s the thought that counts. Taking the time to fill out everything needed to make sure she knows when everyone has their birthdays! Why worry about a boring calendar or Facebook reminders, get her the Birthday Tracker, that way even if it’s not your birthday, every time she looks at it, she’ll think of you.

Although it might be way down on the list at #55, we think the relaxing socks might be a winner as well. The “If You Can Read The Bottom of These, Bring Me A Glass of Wine” socks! Again, simple, thoughtful and of course she will LOVE them!

All these ideas are great, but we should share the Top 5 for Mother’s Day gifts according to Good Housekeeping. And listen, if you can’t trust Good Housekeeping, who can you trust? The bottom line, we think if you keep your gift simple, thoughtful and personalize it, it’s a WIN! And more importantly, MOM will love it.

The Top 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


    You could just get Mom a hot cup of coffee to keep the hands warm, but the suggested portable hand warmers might be a better idea. It’s a gift that might not be needed during the summer here in Las Vegas, but it will be cold soon enough! #5 on the list!

    Portable Hand Warmer

    Korneeva_Kristina via Getty Images


    If you’re going to get Mom a pair of slippers, make sure they are the Cloud Slippers…comfortable and easy on and off! Maybe that’s why they came in at #4 on the list?

    Pair of slippers

    vadiar via Getty Images


    If Mom has a pet dog or cat, this is a no brainer! She will love a portrait of her furry friend. Could be why this comes in at #3 on the list for Mother’s Day!

    Mom with her dog

    Vasyl Dolmatov via Getty Images


    Everyone loves giving flowers for Mother’s Day, but if you give her the Family Birthday Month Flower Print, she will remember it forever. Remember, it’s the thought that counts and this gift is #2 on the list!

    Flowers for Mother's Day

    Vaivirga via Getty Images


    It’s the gift that will grow on her!!!! Get it? But seriously, it’s the perfect gift for the mom who loves to work outside planting flowers and gardening overall. The outdoor bonsai tree needs the loving care only a mom could give…just don’t forget the scissors!

    Bonsai Tree for Mother's Day

    PAKAPORN YAMANON via Getty Images

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