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It’s National Guitar Day! Also referred to as National Get Out Your Guitar Day. Whatever you want to call it, February 11th is the day we pay homage to that beautiful creation of heavenly music, the guitar. Many people believe the guitar originated in 16th century spain. Probably evolved from the lute, the first guitar models had only four strings and a much thinner body than our modern models. The body type of the first guitar was more similar to the viola. Musicians realized over the years that making the body wider and flatter improved the sound quality.

The fifth string was added a century later, and by the 18th century, all six strings were present. Now we have bodies of all shapes and sizes, better tuning options, frets to improve sound, artwork that blows the mind, and the ability to plug in or go acoustic. Guitars have come a long way. But the reasons people bond with them are still as true as they day they first made their appearance.

I’ve been playing guitar for several years now. I first picked it up in high school when my good friend, Preston, had one and taught me my first chords. The first song I ever learned was Brown-Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. I remember a lot of hard moments in school growing up. Like everyone, there were times that I just locked myself in my room and tried to figure out this thing called life. And I tell you, it was a heck of a lot easier to get through those moments with a guitar in my hand. I currently have four or five guitars, but my favorites are Vicky, my acoustic-electric, and Jo-Jo, my electric guitar.

So here’s my list of reasons why everyone should consider learning the guitar…

  • 1. Music Is Great For Your Heart And Mind

    Science is showing more and more that music has great health benefits. Not only can it lower blood pressure and help you manage stress, but music also improves memory and helps with communication skills. It has also been shown to help with weight loss, boosting immunity, verbal intelligence and improving fine motor skills. Need I go on?

  • 2. Playing Music Helps You Express Your Feelings

    We don’t exactly live in a society that promotes talking about your feelings. Girls are dramatic and boys are supposed to be tough, right? Wrong. Not expressing feelings and needs has detrimental effects on mental health and human interaction. Music is a great way to explore how you feel and express it to others, in a way that’s often less intimidating than just coming out and saying it. I can’t count how many times singing a song helped get me through a tough feeling I was dealing with. Playing guitar opens up that space to sing along and see what was hiding inside and needed to come out. 

  • 3. Music Connects Us To Each Other

    It’s no secret that humans are social creatures. We thrive on connection. Football games, church activities, parties…we love to connect with each other. And playing music together is a very powerful way to do that.

  • 4. Playing Boosts Your Confidence

    Look at this woman! She’s owning it!

    The process of mastering any skill comes with an increase in confidence. Guitar levels you up in that because you also will be more prone to showing off your new skill to others. The positive feedback will make you feel better about yourself and increase your confidence levels. It will probably even get you a date at some point. No…seriously. A study in the UK showed that NINETY percent of people polled said someone who plays the guitar is instantly more attractive. 

  • 5. The Guitar Can Go Anywhere!

    While music in general has so many amazing benefits, smaller instruments like the guitar, can go practically anywhere, which lets you take those benefits with you. I’ve dragged my guitars everywhere. To work, camping, even on a plane! I have a 3/4 Martin guitar, which is small enough to bring on the plane as a carry-on, so you don’t even have to stress about it being banged around in the cargo area! Guitars are very versatile when it comes to traveling. Mike O’Brian probably doesn’t want to know how many times I’ve played guitar in the studio!

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