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What is the last thing you stole from a store “accidently”? We know it happens and most of the time we don’t even realize it. The reason The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up this morning is that Carla Rea swiped a peach from a local grocery store and forgot to add it to her “scan & go” list.

We understand this can happen, so that’s what The M&C Morning Show wanted to know this morning…what was it that you have taken from a store without paying for it? Surprised to find out that a lot of listeners have done it…and we’re not talking small items at all!

It’s amazing how many times we’ve gone into a store and have forgotten to ring up something, especially with the innovation of the “self-checkout” now becoming so popular! As you listen to the segment below, you’ll also find out that it’s not always our fault! On the other hand, quite a few listeners said that it’s not that they took something, it’s just that the clerk forgot to ring it up!

It was quite a revealing segment this morning with people coming clean on what they thought they paid for…even the one guy, in a motorized grocery cart, who actually got busted leaving the store! Truth be told, it wasn’t a shock that he got caught, but what it was he got busted for! That you have to hear for yourself…

The other surprising factor was how many people did NOT go back and pay for what they accidently walked away with…feeling like it was their “lucky day”! However, those that just said I “forgot” and kept on with their day didn’t feel any quilt what so ever…WOW!

But if you think about it, what are the easiest things to “accidently” walkout of a store with…based on our conversations this morning and those texting in, scroll down below to see the list and enjoy the segment!

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  • #5. Toilet Paper


    Lazy_Bear via Getty Images

    Seems like it might be hard to walkout of a store with a bunch of toilet paper, but how many times have we put it under our shopping cart and just forgot about it?

  • #4. Pack of Gum

    Chewing Gum

    AndreyPopov via Getty Images

    This might be the easiest item we “accidently” walk out of a store with since it’s small, we take a piece while we’re still shopping and end up just putting in our pocket…so sorry!

  • #3. Cases of Bottled Water

    Bottled waters

    Nazrul Azuwan Nordin via Getty Images

    Once again, one of those items we easily forget that’s under the grocery cart…

  • #2. Baseball Cap

    Baseball cap

    Yuricazac via Getty Images

    We get it, your hands are full, you want the ballcap, so you just put it on your head and before ya know it…you’re walking out of the store without paying for it!

  • #1. Candy Bars


    eternalcreative via Getty Images

    This has to be the #1 item we “accidently” steal from a store…and a lot of times it’s not us, but our kids that might lift a snack from around the grocery checkout counter without letting us know to pay for it!

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