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Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you scrambling to get the best gift before your big date tonight? If so, we’re here to help.

A recent poll from YouGov found out what the top gifts are Valentine’s Day, broken down by what men want and what women want. If you’re the procrasinating type who waited until today to get something, or you forgot what day it was, you’re in luck! The number one gift people, both men and women, said they want is a card. 36% of women said a card is good, and 30% of men said the same. So get out there and fight over what’s left in the sad little empty Valentine’s Day card aisle. Or, you could always go the DIY route, but I HIGHLY recommend you have a “real” gift to accompany it. You don’t want it to be that obvious you forgot or waited until the last minute. Of course, if you’re giving the homemade card to your parents or children, you’ve got the green light to go this route.

If you want to get something a little more creative, there are other last-minute options for you. The poll taken on the subject of Valentine’s Day gifts broke down the answers according to gender. Because…duh. Men and women don’t want the same thing. And beyond that, what one woman or man wants won’t be the same as what another wants. You’re on your own here. But here’s something to consider. If you’ve been together a while, you should know something specific about your partner. Where do they like to eat? Take them there or bring them that food. What is their favorite color? Buy them something in that color. What do they always complain about that drives them crazy? Offer a solution for that problem. Things like that will get you far.

When it comes to men and women in general, here’s what the survey revealed they want for Valentine’s Day.

  • 1. WOMEN & MEN: A Card

    With both men and women, a card scored the highest as an acceptable Valentine’s Day gift. 

  • 2. WOMEN & MEN: A Nice Dinner Out

    High on the list of desired gifts for Valentine’s Day, for both men and women, is a nice dinner out. So jump on that phone and get your reservation in. Or, with the weather we’re having in Vegas lately, take out on a picnic blanket in a nice park is also an option.

  • 3. WOMEN & MEN: Chocolates/Candy

    We have SO many options in Las Vegas to find chocolate and candy that will wow your special one. It doesn’t even have to be Valentine’s Day themed. That’s what red ribbons are for. 🙂

  • 4. WOMEN: Flowers

    It’s like a fact of nature. Women like flowers. So you can’t go wrong getting your lady some for Valentine’s Day. True, red roses are the traditional go-to for today. But, if you really want to wow her, mix it up. This is where you can get bonus points for knowing her favorites. Go with the roses, but mix in her favorite flower or a flower or bow in her favorite color.

  • 5. MEN: Sex

    Yeah this one probably didn’t need to be said, but there it is. According to the poll, men are twice as likely to want sex today as women. So if you’re still looking for a gift tonight for your beau, there you go. Don’t forget to lock the door. 😉

  • 6. WOMEN: Chores

    While men are twice as likely to want sex, women are twice as likely to want a break. According to the poll, women would love someone to do their work around the house for them as a gift. So if you need a last-minute gift for your lady, put on the apron and get to work!

  • 7. WOMEN & MEN: Nothing

    21% of men in this poll said they would love nothing for Valentine’s Day. 14% of women said the same. Now, unless you know your partner is in this percentage, don’t risk it. And definitely don’t take this photo literally and give your loved one an empty box and say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” That won’t end well.