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There was a huge study done on SWEARING identifying the Top Ten big cities that swear the most and guess what, Las Vegas was NOT #1! Preply published the results of this study in a recent article that most people found surprising to say the least!

In fact, residents of our nation’s capital seem to swear much more than people here in Las Vegas…probably with good reason. On the flipside, the two cities that swear the least? Phoenix and Portland, Oregon! The top city has residents swearing on the average of 36 times per day…where in Phoenix and Portland, the average is only 14 words a day. Keep in mind that the average is 21 throughout the country and although Las Vegas is NOT #1, however, we are slightly above the nationwide average.

Other big cities that made the list of the least amount of swear words per day? Would you believe Chicago, Detroit, and even Boston! Are you kidding me? BOSTON? You would think that city would at least be in the Top 10 right?

Before we get to the Top 5 Cities that swear the most, here are some stats on swearing:

1. The place you’re most likely to use some choice words is at home. 55% of us do most of our swearing at home. Another 24% said while we’re with friends . . . 7% swear the most while driving . . . and 7% said at work.

2. Work is the top place we WANT to swear but hold back. In front of strangers and in front of our KIDS also ranked high.

3. The #1 person we swear at is . . . ourselves. 54% said they swear at themselves more than anyone else. Swearing at your friends is next with 24%.

8% said they swear at their significant other the most . . . 4% said coworkers . . . 3% said siblings . . . and 1% swear at their parents more than anyone else.

4. The most universal things that make us want to swear are: When we hurt ourselves . . . when we have road rage . . . when we get bad news . . . when we’re cracking a joke . . . when we’re arguing . . . and when we get GOOD news.

5. Our favorite fill-in words to use instead of swearing are: Fudge . . . shoot . . . frick or frickin’ . . . crap . . . dang . . . heck . . . darn or darn it . . . holy cow . . . dang or dang it . . . and freaking.

6. Only 7% of American adults say they never swear. The rest of us do, at least occasionally.

Since there was a 4 way tie with Oklahoma City, Dallas, Philadelphia and Indianapolis using 25 swear words per day at #4, here are the Top 3 cities in America that swear the most…just scroll down and you can even see where Las Vegas wound up and enjoy!

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    Jacksonville, Florida

    zimmytws via Getty Images

    The average J-ville resident will drop 28 swear words per day! Not sure what’s happening in this Florida city that makes people drop an %$#@ here and there to the tune of 28 times a day, but according to the study they do. You would think with all that sunshine, being a college down…oh, that might be it right there! Or it could be there NFL team right? Whatever the reason, it’s good enough to give them the third highest ranking in this survey!


    Las Vegas map

    s-c-s via Getty Images

    Are you kidding us, Las Vegas is #2? WOW! We are just as shocked as you are that this city is NOT #1 on this list…however, we forget that this is a city with families and at one time, the most churches per capita than any other city in the nation. Not sure that has any affect on the swearing along the world famous strip, but the average Las Vegan will drop a swear word at least 30 times per day…good enough to be #2 on the list!



    dk_photos via Getty Images

    Well, well…who would of thought a college town in the heartland of the United States would have ended up #1 on the list of cities that swear the most? Columbus, Ohio is atop the list with residents dropping at least 36 swear words per day! Known as the “Arch City”, Columbus is also home to Thee Ohio State Buckeyes, the German Village, filled with shops and restaurants built in the 1800’s by German settlers, and much more…well, now Columbus can add “swearing” to the list since they are the city that swears the most in the U.S. making them #1!