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A recent poll looked at things that give us a boost when it comes to happiness, and how long it lasts! All this according to an article put out by Mirror …for example, booking a trip, happiness should last you about 4 hours 31 minutes . . . your favorite team winning a big game, hopefully will last you about 4 hours 9 minutes . . . and receiving a compliment, 3 hours 30 minutes.

Sometimes one thing can turn your whole day around . . . or, half-a-day anyway. A new poll looked at various things that make us feel happy and how long that boost lasts. The average is right around four hours . . .

So just think about some of the things that make you the happiest…and we’re even talking about getting a great deal on something maybe you’ve had your eye on at a store, a car dealership or even your next home. That feeling of happiness can actually last about 3 hours and 39 minutes…I know, in the overall scheme of things, doesn’t seem very long, but that early surge of happiness could just be enough to change your day, your week…or even your life!

Here’s something else to takeaway from the article and this most recent poll…that more than 27% of us will go out of our way to spread a little happiness and positivity to others! In fact, the average adult, we’ll treat ourselves to dinner, buying a little something for ourselves at least 3 times a week just to help us feel a little better!

There were quite a few things on the list that make us happy from eating a candy bar to cleaning the house! Even playing with your pet for a few hours can bring you enough happiness to turn around your day, but in truth, what are the Top 5 things that make us the happiest? Well, for that you’ll have to scroll down and see…other than that, check out “A Few Things We Think You Should Know” from The Mike & Carla Morning Show this morning and enjoy!

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    Playing with your dog

    Vasyl Dolmatov via Getty Images

    Just playing with your pet can get you 3 hours and 47 minutes of “happiness”…landing it #5 on the list!



    VichienPetchmai via Getty Images

    Just saying “I love you” to your significant other can actually get you about 4 hours of pure happiness…and that’s why it comes in at #4 on the list!


    Football Fans

    gpointstudio via Getty Images

    Now should your favorite team win a game, that right there can earn you up to 4 hours and 9 minutes of happiness putting it at #3 on the list!



    Sitthiphong via Getty Images

    By simply booking a vacation, you should end up feeling happy for about 4 hours and 31 minutes…not bad right? That’s why this ends up at #2 on the list!


    Family Fun

    evgenyatamanenko via Getty Images

    With this being #1 on the list, you’d think more people would be happier for longer periods of time. Family fun can get you at least 4 hours and 33 minutes of happiness!