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Wallethub did a study to find out which states were the most “sinful” in the country. They came up with this figure called the Wallethub “Vice Index” number, taking the scores from categories like “anger & hatred”, “jealousy”, “excesses”, and “greed”…and guess what? The great state of Nevada came in at #1!

Now The Mike & Carla Morning Show was quick to point out that it might not be all our fault since we entertain millions of people from all over the world! Scroll down to see the list of the Top 5…BTW, the most boring states? Idaho, Wyoming, Vermont, South Dakota, and Iowa!

We also talked about time travel…given the choice, would you go back or forward? And The M&C Morning Show threw out some details on how people do laundry! All that and a lot more in this edition of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know!”

The Top 5 Most “Sinful” States!


  • #5 Louisiana

    Beyond the gumbo, the beignets, and being the “jazz” capital of the world, there is a side of this southern state that makes people take a walk on the wild side! Maybe it’s what you have to do for a set of beads or just Mardi Gras itself that leads those wonderful people down the “sinful” path!

  • #4 FLORIDA

    With it’s beaches, relaxed life style and great weather year round, sometimes, given the choice, it’s not always easy to do the “right” thing in the Sunshine State!

  • #3 TEXAS

    What do they say? “Don’t mess with Texas!” Well, even if you don’t mess with Texas, there is plenty of things do in this great state. BBQ’s, music, the history and of course the TV Show “Dallas” tells us all we need to know as to why this state ranks #3 on the list!


    Talk about a state that has it all! From surfing in SoCal to all that Northern California has to offer, it’s easy to see why most people who live there or even visit have the temptation to be a little naughty!

  • #1 NEVADA

    No surprise that the Silver State of Nevada is the most “Sinful” state in the country! Between Las Vegas, Reno and a little road trip over the “hump” to Pahrump, there is all kinds of trouble lingering in this state! On the flipside, it doesn’t help that we’re open 24 hour a day, 365 days a year! But it’s not really all our fault for the highest “Vice Index” score…millions of tourists come from all over the world to get in a little trouble here! However. if were going to be on this list, it’s good to be #1!

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