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If you think about all the appliances you have in your home, which ones are the most confusing? Meaning, hard to program, hard to figure out…to the point where you say, forget it, I’m done wiht this! It was just one of the stories in this morning’s segment of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know” on The Mike & Carla Morning Show!

No one wants an appliance with a million settings. Most of us just want something that can turn on . . . do its thing . . . and turn off. In an article published by SWNS, new poll asked people to think about their appliances, and pick the one that “confused them” the most. Maybe it’s one that has a bunch of buttons, lights, and modes . . . but you just stick with the one setting you know.

Evidently, we want everything to be very easy, simple that we can operate without even reading the operation manual! In fact, 47 per cent only occasionally familiarize themselves with the instructions of a new gadget. How hard can this be? We’ve all operated this or that…when in doubt, just start hitting buttons and if it gets to be too much, just unplug the thing right?

Although we know this study was done in the UK, we here in the U.S. can feel the pressure of getting a new appliance. Working with something outside our comfort zone that if operated correctly could make our lives so much better!

Akin Garzanli, from at Arçelik, the parent company of Beko which commissioned the research, said: “Our data has revealed striking insight into attitudes and habits within households in the UK, showing that while energy efficiency is a key priority for many there is a discrepancy in how appliances are actually used in the home.”

We do know that most women are more incline to read the operator’s manual as oppose to men…nothing factual, just makes sense. Guys don’t have time like that to waste…actually read something that will make operating a new appliance easier? Don’t need to, I see the picture on the box and the buttons are labeled…how hard can it be?

Well, listen to the segment below, then scroll further down to see the Top 5 Most “Confusing” Appliances…then you decide!

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  • #5 FREEZER

    You would think there would be nothing to operating a freezer, but do you still need to defrost? What setting should it be on to properly store food? Higher, lower…most people just aren’t sure…with that in mind, the freezer comes in at #5 as one of the most confusing appliances to operate!


    dejankrsmanovic via Getty Images

  • #4 OVEN

    Most men will tell you that this appliance can be very difficult to operate and frustrating at times. Especially if you have a dual oven setup…how do I operate just the top oven? How do I set the temperature? I just want to turn on the light so I can see what’s in the oven…yep, we think it’s mostly guys that put the oven at #4 on the list of the most confusing appliances!


    Geo-grafika via Getty Images


    You’d think just load in the dirty dishes, add some soap, close it, then hit the “clean” button…but clearly it’s much more than that. Just reading the manual would be easy enough, but nope, don’t have time…just want to get the dishes done! Well guess what…it tends to be a bit more confusing than that and the reason it comes in at #3 on the list!


    Olena Ivanova via Getty Images


    Seriously? A microwave can tend to be very confusing to operate especially if you’re used to what you’ve had for the past 10 years. Once you get a new one, all bets are off and it tends to be trial and error. We just don’t understand for some reason how it can be that hard to just throw the food in, then hit “cook” and have it done in 30 seconds or less. Maybe that’s why it’s #2 on the list!


    Jay_Zynism via Getty Images


    Well, here ya go…the “granddaddy” of all confusing appliances and we don’t think you’ll get any arguments! Too many buttons to push…too many decisions to make! Hot water, cold water, cotton, linen, what kind of spin cycle…it’s all too much! So there it is, the wash machine is the #1 most confusing appliance!!!!

    Appliance-Washer Machine

    Kerkez via Getty Images