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It’s an argument that rages on and it’s been talked about a lot. What are those leftover foods you can eat cold? The Mike & Carla Morning Show brought this up last year and not much has changed. But, first and foremost, you have to love leftovers.

According to a recent article put out on Buzzfeed, they created the list. It’s up to you of course if you agree with it or not.

Then and only then can you decide what leftovers you like to eat cold or nuked just a bit. Now in the case of Carla Rea, not a big leftover fan to begin with. On the other hand, Mike O’Brian will eat leftovers all week long. Cold or otherwise…it really doesn’t matter to Mike,

One of his favorites, lasagna…heat it up a bit, but cold is even better. Heck, any pasta dish is great cold and especially enjoyed in the morning! Although it made the Top 25, it still couldn’t crack the Top 10.

Hot Dogs came in at #13…which might surprise a lot of leftover fans, but a cold hot dog in a pinch is great! Keep in mind we’re talking without the bun of course!

The one that got everyone is Brussel Sprouts…29% of those surveyed said that they would indeed munch on them cold! Sorry, we just can’t do it! Another shocker, Chili…can’t imagine diggin’ into a bowl of COLD chili morning, noon or night! But, according to the survey, 17% don’t mind it.

One other leftover food that we were sure that would make it was steak! Any kind of leftover steak can be eaten cold in the morning for breakfast or just a snack during the day. How this leftover food item missed the Top 25 is beyond comprehension!

So when it comes right down to it, what are this year’s Top 5 leftover foods that people will each cold? Not much has changed over the years for kids or adults. However, you should know that burritos, buffalo wings, fried rice, orange chicken and French fries round out the bottom.

All right, if you’re ready, let’s do it…after listening to the segment from The M&C Morning Show, scroll down to see the Top 5 Leftover Foods You Can Eat Cold!

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    51% of those surveyed said they would have no problem eating leftover pancakes cold. Sorry, just can’t do it, but clearly there were enough people saying “yes” to crack the Top 5!


    Acrylic Asylum Art via Getty Images

  • #4 BACON

    It’s a type of “meat”, so with that said, you can definitely eat bacon cold! In fact, over half of those surveyed said they are good with cold leftover bacon…putting it at #4 on the list!

    Leftover Bacon

    HandmadePictures via Getty Images


    There’s a slight debate on the leftover quesadilla…it might have something to do with the cheese. Nonetheless, nearly 60% of those surveyed said they would definitely go for it cold! There ya go…and with that, it’s #3 on the list!

    Leftover quesadilla

    MSPhotographic via Getty Images


    Nothing wrong with a cold piece of leftover fried chicken. In the morning, at noon or even as a snack…in fact 60% of those survey were ready to step up to plate! Giving it the #2 spot on the list.

    Leftover Fried Chicken

    athuristock via Getty Images

  • #1 PIZZA

    It’s considered the “Grand Daddy” of all cold leftovers…PIZZA! It just seems to taste a bit better the next morning. You don’t even need to waste time heating it up…just dig right in. PIZZA once again, #1 on the list of Leftovers You Can Eat Cold!!!! Congrats!

    Leftover Pizza

    Fudio via Getty Images