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If you have lived in the Las Vegas valley for any length of time, you have probably become familiar with all of the great festivals that happen here. It’s sunny almost every day around here, we have warm temperatures throughout most of the year, and of course, very little rain. Plus, we are a huge tourist destination for people from all over the world. So, where does Nevada rank on a list of the top festival states in America?

Before we answer that question, let’s get to some of the details contained in a recent study conducted by, which was written by The APR Content Team, and published on May 10th, 2023.

This team based their findings on details which would concern your typical festival attendee: the number of festivals in each state, the average temperatures and the amount of sun and rain in the state, the amount of crime reported in the state, the average cost of three nights in a three-star hotel, the amount of money you’d pay for a bottle of Smirnoff (not sure why they chose that particular brand of vodka), the number of airports in the state, and the number of searches for “music festivals” on Google in each state.

Of course, one would figure that the states with the most festivals would easily top the rankings. States such as California, Texas, and Florida would have ranked somewhere in the top 3, but the high rate of crime in those states tanked them in the rankings. California also has pretty high costs for food, booze, and housing accommodations.

Before we get to the top 5 festival hotspots in the U.S.A. according to this study, I also wanted to point out the most popular music festivals in the nation.

  1. Coachella
  2. Boston Calling
  3. Lollapalooza

Now, scroll on down and see if Nevada made it into the top 5 “Best Festival States In America.”

  • 5) Kentucky

    Kentucky Festival

    The state of Kentucky comes in at #5 in this survey based on it’s warm temperatures, low crime rates, and affordable housing during your stay. Booze is pretty inexpensive there too. You can go to the Kentucky Derby Festival and the Kentucky State Fair. Looking for a music festival? There’s “Louder Than Life” and “Forecastle.”

  • 4) Mississippi

    Mississippi Festival

    Once again, low crime rates, warm temperatures, and very affordable places to stay during your visit to one of the two festivals held in Mississippi each year. That’s right, only two festivals, so it is difficult to figure out how this state ranked so high in the survey, but there you go. One of their state mottos is “The Hospitality State,” so you know you’ll be treated right.

  • 3) Georgia

    Georgia Festival

    “The Peach State” ranks third in this survey based on cheap booze, nice, warm temperatures, lots of sunlight, and one of the highest numbers of monthly searches for festivals. Music lovers can enjoy the “Imagine Festival” or the “Savannah Music Festival.” The city of Atlanta also hosts its own film festival and an ice cream festival. Plenty to choose from in Georgia.

  • 2) Nevada

    Nevada Festival

    Our home state ranks very high in this survey because we get so much sun, very few rainy days, the booze is cheap (at the liquor store), and there are 14 festivals to choose from. The most well known festivals include “Burning Man,” “Life Is Beautiful,” and “Electric Daisy Carnival.”

  • 1) Wisconsin

    Wisconsin Festival

    How does Wisconsin take the #1 spot in this survey? Well, they have the most monthly searches for festivals compared to all other states. The residents of this state must really love their festivals. Their summers don’t last too long, so I’m sure they cram all 16 festivals that Wisconsin hosts into three or four months. Some of their most famous festivals include “Summerfest” in downtown Milwaukee, “Blue Ox” for bluegrass music lovers, and “Rock Fest.”

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