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Nevada is known for being a dry desert with hot weather despite living south or far west of the state. Living in Vegas we know far too well that owning a swimming pool or having access to a swimming pool is a must.

With temperatures reaching as high as 117 and averaging at around 95 degrees, cooling off has become part of our DNA. Swimming pools are not only convenient for hot temperatures but they allow people to spend time with their loved ones.

If there is any state that knows how to throw a pool party, it’s Vegas hands-down.

Our friends at, researched the country’s 100 biggest cities to find Americans who have a strong love for pools. The data analyzed crossed many factors including:

  • Pool access in each city (for sale and for rent listings were researched)
  • Buying or renting a home with a pool costs
  • The amount of public pools per capita
  • Self Storage services (to store of all your giant pool floaties that take up too much space) reports that the U.S. has “about 10.4 million residential pools” and “almost 310k public ones.” The pool industry is growing as pools have become less of a luxury and more of a convivence. Pools are found to be more common in cities with warmer weather where they can be used partially through out the year or year round.

Out of the country’s top 100 biggest cities, who has the highest access to public pools in the country? Any guesses? Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio! The city where you will not be attending many pool parties is Detroit. The Michigan city takes the crown for the least pool-friendly city in America. Renters, this is a cool fact to know when looking for an apartment. The cost of rent for apartments, over the 100 cities researched, with or without pools is virtually the same.

You can find out more on’s findings here! Below are the TOP 10 U.S. cities for pool aficionados:

  • 10. Aurora, Colorado

    Aurora, Colorado

    [Jacob Boomsma] via Getty Images

  • 9. Irvine, California

    Irvine, California

    [Thomas De Wever] via Getty Images

  • 8. Plano, Texas

    Dallas, Texas

    [TrongNguyen] via Getty Images

  • 7. Scottsdale, Arizona


    Scottsdale, Arizona

    [BCFC] via Getty Images

  • 6. Mesa, Arizona

    Mesa, Arizona

    [Richard Phillips] via Getty Images

  • 5. Saint Petersburg, Florida

    St. Petersburg Florida

    [felixmizioznikov] via Getty Images

  • 4. Gilbert, Arizona

    Gilbert, Arizona

    [supitchamcsdam] via Getty Images

  • 3. Orlando, Florida

    Orlando, Florida

    [Ingus Kruklitis] via Getty Images

  • 2. Henderson, Nevada

    Henderson, Nevada

    [Jupiterimages] via Getty Images

  • 1. Chandler, Arizona


    Chandler, Arizona

    [photovs] via Getty Images

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