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Baked chicken wings with sesame seeds and sweet chili sauce on white wooden board

Are you arguing over food? You don’t know where to go to eat? Is your spouse or best friend a picky eater?

These are all valid questions when food is involved. From bbq buffalo wings that leave your fingers messy to pizza in any of its tasty forms may end the relationship if not discussed beforehand.

Social media also doesn’t help the fact that foodies are trying to capture their food in prime time in turn making it cold for everyone around. We can hear the food arguments now.

The Takeout found the TOP 10 foods and drinks that can cause an argument every time they’re mentioned!

Did your favorite food make the list? Be careful scrolling down as it may get you into food trouble.

  • #5 Pizza

    large Pizza

    [chas53] / via Getty Images

    Everyone has their own toppings on a pizza that they feel comfortable with. That’s why if you try and put something on it that is not acceptable to them you’ll find yourself in a full on argument…and for that reason, Pizza is #5 on the list!

  • #4 Pasta Carbonara

    plate of pasta

    [Giakita] via Getty Images

    Those that love it know what toppings they will accept on their pasta and take it very personally! Even Italians will tell you that you can add any toppings you want on anything you want, but when it comes to pasta, be careful! For that reason, it comes in at #4!

  • #3 Buffalo Wings

    A Dish of Buffalo Wings

    [DronG] via Getty Images

    Buffalo Wings can be served up a lot of ways, but depending on what part of the country you are from, that’s where the argument begins when you talk about toppings! For that reason a bar favorite in Las Vegas comes in at #3

  • #2 The Classic Cocktail

    A bloody mary

    [AlexPro9500] via Getty Images

    From Rum to Bourbon to a nice malted Scotch…all those that share a cocktail know exactly how they like it poured. It’s when you get to a Bloody Mary that people get picky about the toppings and for that reason it’s no surprise that a “Classic Cocktail” came in at #2!

  • #1 Hot Dogs

    A good hot dog

    [Ben6] via Getty Images

    Everything from ketchup to mayo and more…there is always an argument on what those should put on their hot dog! Definitely a geographical thing, depending on where you are from, that’s where the discussion begins. There is clearly a difference on what some from New York put on their dog as oppose to someone from Chicago. It’s an argument that has raged on for decades making it #1 on the list of Foods That Cause Arguments!