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The Mike & Carla Morning Show

When it comes to the “drive-thru”, what are the fastest fast food places that are the fastest? Well guess what? The #1 place might just surprise you. But before The Mike & Carla Morning Show get to that, just a few facts about the recent study that was published by CNN.

Now keep in mind that fast food places have one job: Providing you with the food you want . . . FAST.  So employing the use of “mystery shoppers”, the study wanted to grade various places on their overall customer experience. Again, keep in mind that when you go through a “drive-thru”, you do it for one reason, you want your food fast!

We all want fast food fast!

But what if you don’t get the food you want, and it’s not fast? That’s where a lot of places ran into a problem…of course the good news is that many of the places we frequent got good grades on “accuracy”, but speed was the problem. So if it takes a few extra minutes, do you want your order correct or fast! How come we can’t get both seems to be the big question! However, Arby’s and McDonald’s tied for first place when it came to accuracy!

Just so you know, when it came to speed, Chick-fil-A was last…now this could easily be that this iconic burger spot always has a long line of cars waiting for their orders. Not an excuse, just stating a fact.

You have to remember that only 10 chains were included in this study and Starbucks was not one of them. Last but not least, what’s the biggest error when trying to get the drive-thru order correct: Your beverage!

So which Fast Food places are the best when it comes to the drive-thru and being the “fastest”…scroll down below to see the Top 5. Just one of the topics The M&C Morning Show talked about in “A Few Thing We Think You Should Know” this morning…enjoy!

Top 5 Fastest Fast Food Places

  • #5 CARL'S JR.

    Carl's Jr. Meal

    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Carl’s Jr. is a hot spot for a lot of people and getting thru the drive-thru in a timely manner is very important to their customers. With that said, considering the criteria for making it into the Top 5 on this list, clearly this establishment has it down and that could very well be the reason it comes in at #5 on this list!

  • #4 DUNKIN

    Dunkin Drive-thru

    Bruce Bennett via Getty Images

    Known for the longest time as “Dunkin Donuts”, the franchise is now simply known as “Dunkin” and has become more than just donuts. Knowing that customers are pulling up to get breakfast sandwiches, coffee and more, Dunkin still gets their customers through quite quickly…coming in at #4

  • #3 HARDEES

    Hardee's Fast Food

    Erik S. Lesser via Getty Images

    Not that we have any Hardee’s here in Las Vegas, but if you should decided to drive thru when you do see one, know that this place got good numbers when it came to getting you through the drive-thru. Just know that they know what they’re doing and that maybe why it came in at #3 on the list!

  • #2 TACO BELL

    Taco Bell drive thru

    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Luckily it’s a place that we all have been to and apparently go to…especially when it comes to the drive-thru. And guess what, evidently there’s a reason…Taco Bell has it down getting you  and your family thru in record time! For that reason, Taco Bell comes in at #2 on the list!



    Dan Mullan / Staff via Getty Images

    The #1 place on this list is Kentucky Fried Chicken…or KFC as a lot of customers refer to it! This means that they might not always get it right, but if time is of the essence, then this is the place to get the family dinner if you’re on the run. So there ya go…

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