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As College Football season approaches, this would be the time that your college mascot would be stretching out and getting in shape to rep it’s university. Now, not sure if you know this or not, but since last spring, UNLV  no longer has a mascot since retiring “Hey Reb”. Since 1982, “Hey Reb” had been the school’s mascot, but last year, with over 7000 signatures on a petition, the president of the university at the time decided to not only de-commission the mascot, but to take down the statue of the mascot on the campus.

At this point in time, there is still no new mascot for the school, however, UNLV still refers their sports teams as “The Rebels”.

Other colleges that had to change their mascots as well include Stanford, the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Eastern Michigan, as well as Sienna

However, it did come to the attention of The Mike & Carla Morning Show, that there is a totally different problem dealing with a school mascot at the University of South Carolina where they have a live rooster as a mascot.

Until recently, he was named Sir Big Spur, but now the school has come to the crossroads. Originally the school had an agreement with Sir Big Spur’s original owners to use that name, but they don’t own him anymore. According to The State publication, the new owners decided NOT to let the school continue to use it because of a recent disagreement.

So, guess what, the Gamecocks are looking for a NEW name for Sir Big Spur. One newspaper picked 10 possible choices and put it to an online vote. So far, the runaway favorite is Cock Commander. It currently has 79% of the vote. Its closest competitor is Cluck Norris, with just 5%. Other choices include Marco Pollo, Cock-a-doodle-dude, Captain Cluck, and Kickin’ Chicken.

The school will announce Sir Big Spur’s new name sometime before the September 3rd season opener. Oh boy, can’t wait…however, have you ever wondered about the Top 5 College Mascots? You might be more surprised as to what mascots are NOT in the Top 5…like Notre Dame‘s leprechaun is not on the list, nor is the Trojan from University of Southern California.

According to SI/cfb, scroll down and find out after listening to a “Few Things We Thing You Should Know”,

  • #5 The Tree-Stanford

    The Tree-Stanford

    Christian Petersen/via Getty Images

    Not sure how or even why a TREE is the mascot of this fine university, but for whatever reason it does make it into the Top 5 College Mascots at #5!

  • #4 Bevo-University of Texas

    Bevo-U of Texas

    Tim Warner/via Getty Images

    Now this actually makes sense to have a “steer” as the mascot at the University of Texas…it’s Texas and they’re known for cattle right? That’s why maybe it’s #4 on the list of Top 5?

  • #3 Mike the Tiger-LSU

    Mike The Tiger

    Kevin C. Cox/via Getty Images

    Sometimes you just have to say, “why not”! Mike the Tiger has been the mascot at Louisiana State University for decades and ends up at #3 on the list of Top 5!

  • #2 The Duck-University of Oregon

    Oregon Ducks

    Ethan Miller/via Getty Images

    Well, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck…that the case with the University of Oregon as their mascot came in at #2 on the list of Top 5 Mascots!

  • #1 UGA-University of Georgia

    UGA at Georgia

    Todd Kirkland/via Getty Images

    And it all comes down to a bulldog! UGA at the University of Georgia is the #1 college mascot in America! The current one of course is a result of a long line of UGA’s dating back years at the school! There ya go!

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