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We’ve talked about what men are sick of being judged on. For example, drinking girlie drinks, getting facials and massages, etc. But now, here ya go, things women are being tired of being judged on! Last week I wrote a piece on things men are sick of being judged for.

It’s a very sad fact is, women have been judged for so many things since the beginning of time. Hey, most likely I’m being judged right now for saying that! So someone on Reddit asked women to name those things they’re sick of being judged for.

A Few Things Women Are Tired of Being Judged On!

1.  Getting older.  Everyone should be allowed to age in peace, and have grey hair if they choose.

Lifting weights, or being competitive with sports.  With weights, lots of women have heard things like, “That’s great – just don’t get too bulky.” Or the ever popular “is she a lesbian?”

3.  Being bad at cooking, or other “WOMEN” chores.  It’s 2022. There’s now DoorDash, curbside pick-up, cleaning services – so back off!

4. Being a stay-at-home mom.  I’m amazed at how so many people act like this is a lazy option now, or like all moms should have a job too and do it all.  One of the hardest jobs on EARTH is being a stay-at-home mom! On the flipside, being judged for “having a career” while being a mom also made the list. Make up your minds!!!

5.  Anything and everything related to weight.  Women face so much more judgment about it than men do. We always have, and we always will.

6. Dating Pete Davidson.  Ok – just making sure you’re paying attention…

Hey, not sure if this is just in our country, but I think it might be worldwide. It’s 2023, let’s get over a few of these and move on if we can right? So, if you’d like, here are some others that will make you go “hmmm”….scroll down and check them out!

Other Things Women Are Tired Of Being Judged On!

  • Not smiling enough.  Guys are never told to "smile more."

    Really? Because guys are never told, “you should smile more.”

    Woman frowning

  • Not being married "yet"

    Men seem to get a lot more leeway before they start getting the “Why are you still single” questions.  And then there’s the “you haven’t met the right man yet” responses…

    Not married

  • Not having children

    “You never had any kids?” Why is it so weird that I might want to make a responsible choice to not have kids, and NOT be responsible for bailing someone else out of jail, other than myself? And no – I won’t “grow out of it.”

    No children

  • Being justifiably upset or angry about something

    Women tend to get labeled as “aggressive,” called the B-word, or asked things like, “Is it that time of the month?” And yes – even by other women!

    Angry woman

  • Wearing comfortable clothes 

    Guys can wear gym shorts with holes in the crotch, and flip-flops to the opera, and no one cares! Women? NO WAY.

    Dressy or casual

  • Number two

    Guess what? Women poop. WAIT – WHAT??? Yes, it’s true…

    Women poop

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