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The Mike and Carla Morning Show has talked about the strangest Uber Eats orders from 2022. And most of us have ordered food or know someone who has!

It wouldn’t be shocking to order a ham and cheese sandwich, but what about a ham and CREAM cheese sandwich? (I actually love this, but add cucumbers, and / or sprouts) If you like something, it’s not that unusual to YOU, but it is to others.

Who ever it was that decided you can dip just about ANYTHING in ranch dressing, had no idea it would be the norm one day. Personally, I like french fries dipped in mustard. No, not because of ‘Sling Blade,’ because it’s good!

Uber Eats Delivery Service released a list of “unexpected food combos” ordered this year. It includes: Ham and CREAM cheese, pizza and applesauce,  and sushi and ranch. You have to see the strangest Uber Eats Orders below:

The most POPULAR delivery combo was a burrito and cheese.  The second most-popular was fries with salt  (This seems like a given. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered “fries with salt” – maybe places are now giving you the option of salted or unsalted, which would not be a bad thing).

Some of the other popular combos are: Cheeseburger with diced onions, chicken sandwich with fries, breakfast sandwich with American cheese, soup with bread, pancakes and sausage, pizza with mozzarella, salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and a quesadilla with sour cream. These aren’t unusual, but they are definitely popular.

By the way, Uber Eats says that over the last year their customers have relied on Uber Eats to get everything from pizza and flowers to alcohol, baby products and so much more. These are some of the most unique requests:

Here are a few more of the most unusual food combos, according to Uber Eats, for 2022:

  • Fruit Roll-Up and Hot Cheetos

    Probably not ordered as a sandwich wrap.  But there was a TikTok trend of people mixing the two, so  it’s likely people were ordering both items (to be picked up from a store) so they could try it on their own. But – ewww.

    Fruit Roll Ups

    Photo: domnicky via Getty Images Plus

  • Pickles and Whipped Cream

    I think a lot of food combos come from the love of “sweet and salty”. Or this was just a late night pregnancy craving.

    Pickles and whiped cream

    Photo: Marija Jokic via Getty Images Plus

  • Popcorn and Pickle Juice

    Pickle juice on the popcorn? I’m hoping the pickle juice went in the dirty martini next to the popcorn.

    Pickle Juice

    Photo: Viktoriya Telminova via Getty Images Plus

  • Dark Chocolate and Tomato Salad

    Sounds good, actually! And you can pretty much throw anything in a salad these days, so why not.

    Photo: KunKun via Getty Images Plus

  • Peanut Butter and Pizza

    ON the pizza? DIP the pizza in it? I’m baffled, but hey – whatever revs your engine.

    Peanut butter

    Photo: BarnabyChambers via Getty Images Plus

  • Watermelon and Mustard.

    There was also a trend of people trying this on social media last year. Even the artist Lizzo tried it.


    Photo: Marat Musabirov via Getty Images Plus

  • Extra, extra butter on grilled cheese

    An actual Uber Eats order request: “This is going to sound insane, but would you be so kind and put a disturbing amount of butter on my grilled cheese? Like, you’re going to need the Red Cross Emergency Rapid Response team on site and provide me with astronaut diapers -just in case.”  K, bye!

    Grilled Cheese

    Photo: Richard Stephen via Getty Images

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