The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

Tis the season – to shop! It’s holiday shopping season, so the age old question, once again: What do you buy for someone who has EVERYTHING?

We always try to think big, or unique. Well, why not think practical! Get them something practical that you know they’ll use. It might not be sexy, and it might be downright boring – but I guarantee they will love it!

Years ago a friend of mine had a secret Santa/white elephant holiday party. You know how it works – everybody brings a gift and everybody leaves with a different gift. A lot of people go for the small packages or boxes – perhaps because of the old adage “big things come in small packages.” My friend went for the huge, poorly wrapped package. She said it was one of the best gifts EVER48 rolls of toilet paper!!

Everyone thought it was hilarious, but she said “I’ve never come close to getting secret Santa gift as amazing and practical as that, and I have no idea why nobody tried to take it from me – unless they somehow knew I’d physically fight them over it, because I would have!”

There are things we need that sometimes we don’t just don’t want to buy – necessities, and “have to buys” are just no fun. We always need them, so maybe it’s just nicer if someone else buys them for us once in a while, right? Saves us a little money, time, and yes – they’re practical!

People online are talking about the most UNDERRATED Christmas gifts they’ve received, and would like themselves, and there’s a lot of practical, useful stuff on it.

Here are some great – yet still very unique – gift ideas. Maybe try one at your secret Santa. And definitely make sure you pick the awkward looking gift!

-Carla Rea


  • Nice, comfortable pajamas

    An item we just don’t always want to buy for ourselves, but if you want to do it, please do!

    Fun holiday pajamas

    Photo credit: Darkbird77 via Getty Images Plus

  • Extra phone chargers 

    Think of how many times you need them, but can’t find one? So throw one in your suitcase, your car, your purse, your briefcase, etc.

    Phone chargers

    Photo credit: Justocker via Getty Images Plus

  • Nice sheets or towels.

    We love these, but don’t always want to splurge. So let mom and dad, or your bestie get them for you!

    Fancy sheets and towels

    Photo Credit: Rilueda via Getty Images Plus

  • Random toiletries, including deodorant, toothpaste, and Q-Tips

    How about a nice few months where YOU don’t have to buy them – and you know Grandma would love to get you some necessary toiletries!



  • A premium subscription to something, like Spotify or HBO Max.

    How nice would it be to watch all the shows?!

    Cast of HBO's Hacks

    Photo credit: Kevin Wheeler via Getty Images

  • Gas money, or a gas card

    My dad used to get me and my brothers gas cards – great gift!

    Old gas station

    Photo credit: Charkeroo via Getty Images Plus

  • Paying someone's utility bill(s)

    A woman on social media said her grandparents would pay one of her utility bills. Another great, practical gift!

    Gas Meter

    Photo credit: SP Memory via Getty Images Plus

  • A vehicle detailing

    Something we’d all like to do, but would rather not pay for it.

    Detailing car

    Photo Credit: Ross Helen Getty Images

  • Toilet paper - best gift of all!!

    You always need it, you’ll always use it!

    The gift of toilet paper

    Photo credit: Jane Rubtsovq via Getty Images Plus


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