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The great “Ice Cube War” rages on! Turns out, ice cube preference is very personal for many people.

When we were kids you just cracked your ice cubes out of the one ice cube tray – two if you were fancy – you refilled. and put back in the freezer. regularly. Shame on you if you forgot, and it was empty. Especially in the summer – or when those neighbors stopped by, and there was no ice for their gin and tonics. But I digress, as always.

Turns out everyone now has a preference when it comes to enjoying an icy beverage, and the ICE that cools the beverage.

Many enjoy the small pellets to crunch and munch on throughout the day, while others still  love large chunks of ice – that allow them to melt slowly on their tongue, and last a little longer.

We’ve all heard numerous, and very passionate arguments about which type of ice is best, and we’ve probably all joined those intelligent discussions about frozen water, as well.

An interesting article on Howards says there are seven different types of ice: regular cubes, nuggets, full cubes, blocks, spheres, crushed, and crescents. Read the article, and it also tells you how, and when to use them.

Although you’ll most likely never see a fast food joint add an ice sphere, or large ice ball to your Dr. Pepper – it’s more for a fancy cocktail, or a nice straight booze poured “over” or “on the rocks.” But the rest of the traditional ice types are well represented at your popular fast food stops.

Regardless of which ice camp you’ve joined, you can probably find your favorite at a local restaurant chain. And to save you some time if you’re craving frozen water, here’s a breakdown of 11 fast food ice cubes – ranked from WORST to BEST.

I actually think many will agree on the best!

-Carla Rea


  • 11. Taco Bell

    Ice critics say: Uneven lumps of frozen water. Taco Bell has chunks of ice that could be called crushed, but with a sprinkle of large cubes mixed in. Taco Bell ice obviously has commitment issues–is it crushed, cubed, pieces, or something else entirely. The world may never know.

    Ice Wars

    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

  • 10. McDonald's

    Ice Critics say: McDonald’s has some of the most boring ice cubes. Do people hate them? No -they really don’t even think of them at all. They’re a forgettable shape and texture, and the rectangular chunks of ice are hard to crunch on, making them a non-starter for ice chewers.

    Ice Wars

    Scott Olson Via Getty Images

  • 9. Burger King

    If you love way too-large ice cubes, you’ll love Burger King’s ice. Ice critics say Burger King Ice could be better if they were half the size. However, if you don’t like watered-down drinks, Burger King’s ice may actually do it for you. Since each chunk is larger, it takes longer for it to melt down into your drink. This creates a cold drink without unwanted water. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for munchable ice, it’s not the best.

    Ice wars

    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

  • 8. Dunkin Donuts

    Good donuts, but ice critics say, sub-par ice. The cubes aren’t easy to chew on, and ice critics wish it took their ice longer to melt. I mean, who wants a watered-down iced coffee?

    Ice Wars

    Mario Tama via Getty Images

  • 7. Jimmy John's

    At Jimmy John’s, crushed ice occasionally moonlights as pellet ice on any given day. Ice critics say the edges of each cube aren’t smooth like you may see with nugget or pellet ice – the sides are more ragged. But, some customers love it, because in general, it’s the perfect size to munch on.

    Ice Wars

    Matt Sullivan via Getty Images

  • 6. Starbucks

    Some people are quite passionate about their Starbucks ice. But most agree – they put way too much in their beverages

    Ice Wars


    Naomi Baker via Getty Images

  • 5. Pizza Hut

    Pizza Hut has oddly-shaped, hollow ice cubes that you don’t see much of these days. They’re large and take a while to melt, which helps keep your beverage cold. Customers are reminded of their childhood and the red Coca-Cola cup with the hollow cubes from Pizza Hut, that they’ve pretty much had forever.

    Ice Wars

    Joe Raedle via Getty Images

  • 4. Dairy Queen

    On a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than a Dairy Queen dipped cone in one hand, and a cup of their ice in the other – YUM!!! Ice critics agree, Dairy Queen’s ice is very chewable without being too hard.

    Ice wars

  • 3. Zaxby's

    Zaxby’s makes pebble ice, and most locations allow customers to put their desired amount of ice into their cups, which ice critics say. adds to the experience. This wins major points with the critics, who don’t like overfilled ice – unless it’s strictly for munching purposes.


    Ice wars

    Jamie Squire via Getty Images

  • 2. Chick-Fil-A

    Ice critics love Chick-fil-a’s ice cubes so much, that some consumers go to great lengths to get their fix: One said, I can never throw my cup away until I’ve finished eating all my ice! Many will order a cup of ice on the side -just because!

    Ice wars

    Brandon Bell via Getty Images

  • 1. Sonic

    Sonic makes the ultimate ice! Whether you want to munch on it or put it with a soda, their ice cubes are practically perfect. They clearly understand ice, and Sonic ice is ideal for chewing! Sonic doesn’t just make regular old ice – instead, they’ve created the most beautiful ice ever. The tiny pieces of ice are hard enough that they don’t melt quickly, and they give off a satisfying cracking sound. You can actually order a cup of ice on their app, AND – you can buy it buy the bag!

    Read More:

    Ice Wars

    Scott Olson via Getty Images

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