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Someone online asked the guys out there to name girly stuff they wish they could do, or would do more of,  if it was socially acceptable.

It seems that the only thing that really stops men from from doing so many things is fear of judgement from other men. Unfortunate, because all of these things are really cool, and harmless.

GUYS – loosen up! Do what you WANT to do, if it makes you feel good! No regrets, right?

Here are ten of the most popular answers from guys themselves:


  • Wear a dress or a skirt when it's hot out

    Guys, we hear you! In the summer, I’m sure it would be nice to let those, um – things – breathe!

  • Wear leggings or tights when it's cold out

    One guy commented that he wore them for a Halloween costume once, and says he wears them under his pants now if it’s cold outside.  Yoga pants and really short shorts were also popular, because they look comfortable.

  • Wear make-up to hide things like pimples and dark circles under your eyes

    Nothing better than a good old-fashioned concealer stick to make you look 10 years younger. Unfortunately, they cant remove the chins.

  • Wear body spray or cologne that smells fruity, or like flowers

    Interesting that women can wear men’s fragrances, but not vice versa. Perhaps we can put this on the next ballot initiatives. If you’re interested, here are some gender neutral fragrances you might like.

  • Use the word "cute" more often

    Many guys said they feel like they can’t say it, no matter how cute something is – unless it’s a woman.

  • Wear more jewelry

    Women shouldn’t be the only ones who can wear bracelets, and rings with huge gemstones.

  • Order pink umbrella drinks

    Men feel like they are being judged when they order drinks with umbrellas and fruit in them. This might help: Why you should stop worrying.


  • Use things like facemasks to keep your skin looking good

    Ok guys, this just sounds like fear of your friends finding out that keeps you from doing it. DO IT! You’ll love it! Then take a bath, with a bath bomb!

  • Knitting or quilting was surprisingly popular.  It's another thing guys want to do, but think their friends will make fun of them.

    Guys said it seems really fun and relaxing, but again – they think their friends will make fun of them.

  • Carry a purse

    Keeping everything in your pockets is not fun, and wallets are only so big. purse – or a murse – would be very helpful.  Remember George Costanza’s wallet?

    But look at this: Two solutions in one – The Utilikilt


  • Have flowers in the house

    This should be perfectly ok. But know that they don’t last – so maybe a nice fern,

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