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Are you a midnight snacker? Well, this could help you avoid some of the guilt! A bunch of nutritionists got together to name the best foods to eat if you’re hungry right before bed! “The Mike & Carla Morning Showruns down the list while also talking about the new “jellybeans” to hit the market, which feature a new flavor we’re sure you can’t wait to try.

Oh, and don’t forget that it’s National Random Act of Kindness Day today! All of that and more are in this morning’s segment of “A Few Things We Think You Should Know!”



    …But maybe on a rice cake! And the suggested choice of peanut butter is supposed to be “natural,” and not loaded with a bunch of extra sugar!


    Yum! Greek yogurt with berries and almonds. They say it helps you sleep by keeping your blood sugar balanced. Well…at least that’s what they say!

  • #3 BANANAS

    This is just another one that may help you sleep a bit better. It’s all about the Potassium baby, and that relaxes the muscles!


    However, there’s a catch to this. The chocolate must be a dark one with a high percentage of cocoa! Just don’t eat too many pieces since there is caffeine in this treat.

  • #1 WALNUTS

    This snack is filling and full of nutrients. They also help you sleep since they’re filled with melatonin. So night-night!