Madonna performs during the Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 5, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As the Super Bowl makes its way to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, fans are getting excited for the Chiefs to take on the 49ers but equally excited about the halftime show. Usher will be the performer to take the stage on February 11th. The Super Bowl halftime show has come such a long way since the beginning… the ‘humble’ beginning if you will.

In the early years of the Super Bowl, the halftime show was far from what it is now. In the early years, it consisted of marching bands, drill teams, and local performers. The big difference was the show was to provide entertainment for the people that were at the game in the stands and the home audience definitely had time to take their bathroom breaks or get more food and drinks. It’s far different now.

The turning point for the Super Bowl halftime show happened in the 1990s when the NFL decided to bring in big-name musical acts to hopefully attract a larger television audience and keep people at their T.V. even when there was no football being played. The first major milestone was the 1993 Super Bowl XXVII halftime show when Michael Jackson set a new standard for halftime entertainment. He was the change it needed and one of the best performances still today.

From Very Humble Beginning Too Now

Following Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking performance, the Super Bowl halftime began to feature some of the biggest names in the industry. Prince, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and so many others.

Las Vegas, JayZ, and co. are getting the stage ready for Usher, and we are sure he is going to be absolutely amazing partly because it’s here in Las Vegas and we are set to make history. The city known for lights, entertainment, and big performances is the perfect backdrop for a halftime show that will, I’m sure, be nothing short of incredible.

As anticipation builds for Usher on the big stage we have to remember…not all of the halftime performances have been amazing. Some have been complete duds. Let’s go back and remember the top 5 worst halftime performances of all time.

  • 5. Lady Gaga (2017)

    This is probably not a popular opinion but I didn’t like this performance. I am a fan of Lady Gaga but I was hoping she would have a special guest and I didn’t like that she started on top of the stadium. It wasn’t my favorite at all.

  • 4. Katy Perry (2015)

    For me, I don’t if it was the sharks or the lion. It just didn’t make sense to me. It was definitely very “Katy Perry” but it just didn’t make sense to me.

    You can watch the FULL video HERE.

  • 3. Stevie Wonder & Gloria Estefan (1999)

    In this performance there was so HUGE moment for me. It was an OK performance but there were much better before this one and after. The dancing went on for almost 3 minutes before Stevie even came out to sing. They could have done much better.

    You can watch the FULL video HERE.

  • 2. Madonna (2012)

    I remember this one well. This was round 2 for the Giants and Patriots in 2012. For me… it was an ok halftime show until she did the cartwheel. I couldn’t stand it. Why did it trigger me? Your guess is as good as mine, but it did.

  • 1. Black Eyed Peas (2011)

    I don’t know anyone that says this was a good halftime show. First and foremost it was vocally exhausting for me. They have so many hits and they definitely sang them all but not well.

    You can watch the FULL video HERE.

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