This is probably one of the worst lists to be ranked high on.

According to the American Automobile Association, Nevada is one of the most expensive states when it comes to the price of gasoline.

The average price for regular gasoline in Las Vegas is $3.98, and that price is even higher in Reno, which is $4.23.

The Energy Information Administration further reported that the national average for regular gasoline increased since Monday, February 21, 2022, and will most likely continue to rise. The rising crude prices also happened after Russia launched its military invasion against the Ukraine on Monday.

“Pump prices will likely continue to rise as crude prices continue to climb,” according to AAA‘s report.

With global situations that will ultimately affect the supply chain, drivers should prepare for rising costs at the gas pump.

Here are the other top states with the highest gas prices:

  • 11. Pennsylvania

    Out of the top states with the highest gas prices, Pennsylvania is one of the “cheapest.” This state has consumers spending about $3.74 per gallon at the pump. 

  • 10. District of Columbia

    $3.76 is the average price for gas in our nation’s capital. 

  • 9. Illinois

    Illinois comes in with $3.77 as its average cost for gas. 

  • 8. New York

    Although New York is often thought about as a “very expensive state,” it actually has a lower average cost for gas compared to Nevada. New Yorks average price is $3.78.

  • 7. Arizona

    $3.79 is the average cost of gas for consumers in this state.


  • 6. Alaska

    This state ranks as #6 for most expensive gasoline price; the average cost will run a consumer by about $3.88.

  • 5. Washington

    Washington is the fifth most-expensive state for gasoline. $3.99 is the average cost for gas. 

  • 4. Nevada

    Pure pain at the pump is what we’re all feeling. As stated before, the average price in Nevada is $3.98. According to energy analysts, prices are most likely to keep climbing with increasing demand for travel and rising tensions in Eastern Europe being factors in this situation.

  • 3. Oregon

    Oregon is the third most expensive state for gas. $4.01 is the average cost for regular gasoline.

  • 2. Hawaii

    Gas in Hawaii will cost roughly $4.55, making it the second most expensive state for gasoline. 

  • 1. California

    According to AAA, this state is the most expensive for gas. California’s average price of gas is $4.79, edging right at $5 a gallon.