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Attention all single ladies, we are here to let you know the new hot spot to meet men! It’s a place where you know that they are good with their hands and can fix things. For a long time, it’s always been the local grocery store. However, things change, trends tend to be more specific and one young lady has clearly figured that out.

She actually has taken the time to explain that going to Home Depot early on weekdays might be the new hot spot. With that said, The Mike & Carla Morning Show wanted to hear your take on this.

Carla Rea thought this was a great place to meet people on both sides of the hallway. While Mike O’Brian mentioned that if women are looking for a guy that is handy around the house, this would make sense

And if you think it’s just Home Depot, you have to have Lowe’s in the mix as well. Throw in a lumberyard here and there, plus an Ace Hardware store. You do that and you have quite the list of places to me single guys!

However, despite what this one young lady thinks, according to an article put out by Regain late last year, Home Depot is NOT the top spot.  In fact the list includes places you probably frequent every week, but just never took the time to notice.

The next question should be for the guys and where do they go to meet single women? That might have to be next week on The M&C Morning Show, but for right now, take a couple of minutes and enjoy the segment from this morning!

Oh, and if you want to see the Top 5 places to meet single guys, ladies no need to swipe left or right, just scroll down!

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    Ladies, you want to meet a nice guy, take your dog for a walk. Around the block, at a dog park, or a hike. You can find out that you have at least one thing in common. This makes it on the list at #5!

    Walking your dog

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    It never fails, ladies if you want to meet a “good” guy, then volunteer! That’s what a lot of guys do to not only help out their community and fellowman, but given the chance there just might be a nice young lady looking for love! So sign up today and that’s why volunteering came in at #4!

    Meeting single guys

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    What have we been talking about here? This is where you can find those guys that are good with their hands and able to fix stuff around the house. What more could you be asking for. That’s why your local hardware store is #3 on the list!

    Meeting guys

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    This is always a great way to just meet other single people. Whether you’re looking for a guy or a nice young lady, they suggest checking out local social events in your town. Must work since it comes in at #2!

    Meeting men

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    Well, if you think about it, you’re probably going to be there anyway, so why not! Just short of stalking, figure out his coffee shop pattern, show up and just present him with his favorite drink…as easy as that! Maybe this is why it’s #1 on the list?

    Meeting guys

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