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He was a pilot before the air force was even created, selflessly serving his country throughout one of the bloodiest wars in history.

This past Memorial Day, Mike O’Brian from “The Mike & Carla Morning Show” visited his father-in-law Ben Johnson at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

Mr. Johnson was a hero and trailblazer, who served in World War II as a pilot. His position within the army is a testament to American Military history. The U.S. Air Force was created on Sept. 18, 1947, which was a few years shy from World War II’s ending.

Since the air force was non-existent at the time of World War II, which ended in 1945, Mr. Johnson belonged to the U.S. Army. His position within the army shows the transformation of branches within the military.

On Memorial Day, a humbling scene unfolded at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery. 

Flags dotted the cemetery and gravestones for miles. The tiny flags slicing across the grassy fields were a huge symbol and a physical representation of the sacrifices that were made throughout history.

Each individual flag (shown below) represents a man or a woman who served this country. The scene of the cemetery is intense, emotional and dignifying, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of Memorial Day: A day of honoring and remembering.

Ben Johnson died in 2001 in Las Vegas. However, his memory will never be forgotten. The chapters of history will never forget the men and woman who made the ultimate sacrifice as their names will eternally be etched into the fabric of our nation.

From the Walla Walla area of Washington state, the humility of Ben Johnson is exactly what makes him a hero. He was a family man, who served his country when he was called upon. Perhaps, it’s this humility that’s stretched across most service members in the United States Armed Forces that perpetuates their importance.

As Elie Wiesel said, “Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory there would be no civilization, no future.”

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