Stealing from the Girl Scouts is a pretty lowball crime, but this is just our opinion.

The Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada posted on their Facebook page that two men stole a bronze statue, called “In Grace,” on Saturday night at their headquarters.

The Facebook post instantly became flooded with comments from locals, who were perplexed by this petty, yet erroneous, crime.

“What would anyone do this? So disrespectful!” one comment said.

“That is horrible. I hope it is found and returned soon,” another one said.

The two statue-stealers were caught on camera. Footage shows the men driving up to the location with a blue or black sedan, removing the statue from its base and then walking away with the bronze sculpture. Footage then shows the pair driving off with their trunk opened, which had the statue placed inside.

Girl Scouts of America CEO Kimberly Trueba said to KVUU-TV, “We are teaching our girls about being kind and considerate and making the world a better place. And then here we have people stealing our sculpture.”

Trueba further told KSNV-TV that she thinks the thieves planned this operation prior to it taking place because of the speed and deliberation of the theft.

J.R. Eason is the sculptor behind the missing “In Grace” statue, and the sculpture is meant to serve as a reminder to “transcend the craziness,” according to the sculpture’s plaque.

“In Grace” is worth $28,000. However, the bronze sculpture would be worth only $500 if it was melted down, Trueba said to KVUU-TV.

The organization filed a police report, and officers told Girl Scout officials that the statue-stealers may have mistaken the bronze statue for being copper, according to KSNV-TV.

Please help! Our bronze statue was stolen at 2:45 a.m. by two men in a dark blue or black sedan. LVMPD is investigating, but please contact us if you have any info that might lead us to recover our statue.

Posted by Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada on Saturday, May 7, 2022


In fact, the issue of copper theft has increased in Las Vegas.

On May 9, Las Vegas Metro Police arrested a man who was a key player in a “copper theft” ring. And this is one example out of many involving copper and metal theft around the city.

Despite this recent crime spur, we hope that the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada can recover their statue and bring it back home.

If you have any information regarding the statue’s whereabouts, contact Las Vegas Metro Police.

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