The Mike & Carla Morning Show

The Mike & Carla Morning Show

It’s no secret that it’s hot in Nevada.

It seems that throughout the summer months, the National Weather Service issues severe heat warnings every other day.

As the dry heat looms and gets more excessive throughout this season, many of us will huddle back into our air-conditioned homes and nurse drinks filled to the brim with ice.

However, there are many people in our community who don’t share the same privilege. For some, the Vegas summer is a one-way ticket to dehydration, heat stroke and other heat-related aliments.

This is why we started Mike & Carla’s Project: H2O! Our mission is to collect as much water as we can. And this year was no exception.

We were able to collect over 1,600 cases of water, and we’re so thankful for every one of our listeners who contributed to this mission.

Now you may be asking: What happens to these donations? This is what we’re here to tell you!

This year, we worked with Port of Subs and The Salvation Army to wrangle up water for our community. These two are a major part in the success behind our water drive.

After Mike & Carla’s Project: H2O comes to a close, we subsequently arrange for the water’s pick-up! The Salvation Army comes with their truck and collects all of the amazing water.

The second aspect of this is the dispersion of water within the community.

After collection, The Salvation Army then works to disperse the pallets of water throughout their social service campuses. People are free to utilize the plethora of resources and amenities throughout their Vegas campuses, while picking up any essential items they may need. And this includes water.

The Salvation Army campus offers a sanctuary for people who need shelter from the heat, the streets and more.

We once again want to thank everyone who helped our community through these water donations. Check out the photos below to see your donations helping the wonderful people in our city!

  • The Salvation Army Gives Out The Water To Anyone Who Needs It

    The Salvation Army Giving Away Water

  • During The Hot Summer Months In Vegas, Water Is A Major Need

    Water Drive

  • The Salvation Army Provides Extreme Heat Relief As Well

    Man Getting Water From Salvation Army

  • See How Our 6th Annual Project: H2O Went!

  • Thank You To Anyone Who Donated

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