Here ya go parents, you can actually save more money shopping by doing this! Just a few tips to follow that can also make shopping relaxing and stress free! All you have to do is follow a few easy steps! All outlined on The Mike & Carla Morning Show this morning!

SWNS recently published results of a survey done with over two-thousand US parents. The study results showed that two in three parents found that going to the store with their kids ends up being more expensive than if they were to shop alone! On the flipside, going alone costs them an average of $133, while shopping with their kids cost them an average of $179!

Start by shopping alone!

Results of the poll also showed that going alone allowed parents to buy different items from different stores. A whopping sixty-Five percent of the two-thousand polled said this. While alone, forty-four percent of the parents look for groceries, forty-percent can look for beauty products, forty percent search electronics, and thirty-eight percent shop for clothes. All with no children with them!

If you do shop with kids…

Now, if you do decide to bring the kids, the survey percentages drop a lot! Thirty-five percent of parents surveyed claimed that it was a struggle having the kids along! This lead to bribery to behave. Forty-four percent of  parents said they bride their kids to be good while shopping. Of that forty-four percent, only eighteen percent say it works. This is where the extra spending comes into play mostly. Bribed with snacks, toys, and candy.

So mom and dad, next time you think about going shopping for the kids, maybe you should just leave them at home. If for nothing else, it can save you money! We have more on this story in today’s edition of a “Few Things You Should Know!”


7 Lessons Children Can Learn From Shopping With Parents

  • The Value of The Dollar

    62% of those polled said their kids earn the value of a dollar while shopping with them.

    Dollar Bills

  • Knowing The Difference of Necessary Items vs. Wanted Items

    58% of the parents polled said having their kids with them allowed them to teach their kids the difference between necessary items and items it would be “nice to have!”

    Kid With Star Wars Toy

  • Learn Patience

    Half of those polled (1,000) said that having their kids with them shopping teaches them patience…that’s if you’re not bribing them!

    Patience Word Blocks

  • How To Find Deals When Shopping

    50% of the parents also said it helps their kids learn how to look for deals.

    Sale Signs

  • Items Actually Needed

    47% of the parents polled said having their kids with them helped them learn items that are needed in daily life.

    Toilet Paper

  • How To Find Things In Stores

    39% of parents said having their kids with them while shopping allows them to learn how to find items in stores.

    Shopping With Kids

  • How To Ask For Assistance

    37% said that having their kids with them while shopping allows them to learn how to properly ask for assistance, when needed.

    Ask For Help

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