Unless you grew up in the age of no cellphones, texting, and video chatting, you might not know all the rules when it comes to online etiquette. Buzzfeed put out a list of rules and etiquette to follow when doing such things on our phones or online!

For example, responding to someone with just “K” instead of “Ok” it’s basically the same as asking to get jumped. But there’s also other common sense rules and etiquette you should just know like asking consent to post a photo or conversation online before doing it. Sadly, these  guidelines and rules are not concrete and set in stone. Do you follow these rules and etiquette guidelines when you’re online or on social media sites?

Buzzfeed has posted over fifty of these rules and guidelines you should follow to have good online presence. Ranging from social media platforms, texting, chatting, video chatting, or even paying someone through pay apps like PayPal or Venmo!

We have more on this story and others in today’s edition of a Few Things You Should Know!

Below are just a few of the online etiquette and rules that are recommended you follow, put together by Buzzfeed!


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  • Never Ask To Be Added To Someone's Close Network of Friends or Their Twitter Circle

    Twitter Building

    David Odisho via Getty Images

    Buzzfeed say’s it’s their private platform. It’s rude to ask and is basically like walking into a person’s home and expecting them to feed you!

  • If You're Not Friends With Them Anymore, Remove Them From Your Network And Move On

    Social Media Apps

    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    This is particularly targeted towards those people who have Finsta accounts or “Fake Instagram” accounts. These accounts are made for people to trash talk others and if you’re not friends with that person who created the account or you’re friends with someone who is being bashed on that Finsta account, just remove them from your network.

  • Venmo Accounts Should Always Be Private

    Venmo Accepted

    Vivien Killilea via Getty Images for REVOLVE

    This is something I personally feel everyone should do. No one needs to know what you’re paying for or receiving money for. Private accounts blocks people from getting nosy with you personal business. Who knows, you might end up finding out something secret that you didn’t need to know by someone’s money spending online!

  • All The TikTok Videos You're Sent, You Don't Need To Watch

    TikTok Buidling

    Mario Tama via Getty Images

    We all have that one friend or maybe you’re that friend that sends TikTok videos all the time. Here’s the thing, you don’t need to watch them all. To expect someone to watch all the videos you send is considered unreasonable!

  • If You've Seen A TikTok or Meme Before, Be Nice With Your Response Back


    Friends and family members always send TikTok videos or meme’s constantly. It may not be from the same person all the time, but there will be times you will get the same video or meme sent to you. They say to not be a jerk about it! Instead of responding back with “I’ve seen that one already”, response back with a simple, “Haha!”

  • Don't Call Out Your Friends On Things Like "I'm Five Minutes Away" When They're Not

    Phone Tracking

    When a friend says they’re five minutes away, but then you check your online app trackers to only find out they’re still at home, don’t call them out! They say wait until they arrive in person to tease them or make fun of the fact they weren’t actually five minutes away.

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