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"O" Stage during a technical difficulty

If you live in Las Vegas, you probably already know about it. If you’re a visitor and just want a beautiful, cool FREE attraction, with great photo opps, this is the place. The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Garden is a horticultural dream – which I never imagined myself saying until right now!

The conservatory team masterfully changes out the design seasonally, and replants and repurposes as much of the material as possible.

Right now through May 14, it’s “Flights of Fancy.” The Spring exhibit not only looks and feels like a beautiful spring afternoon, but it also smells like it, with a beautiful lavender woods fragrance that fills the air!

After taking in the beauty of the Conservatory, take in the Beauty of Cirque Du Soleil’s “O.” An amazing show, that once in a rare while, has a technical difficulty – like the night we saw it. After the aerial artist was “unstuck” from her bar, the scuba divers emerged from the water – synchronized, mind you – to check things out. After all was ok (about 15 minutes), the show was back on track!

A freebie, and a “paybie” – ENJOY!




Bellagio Botanical Garden, March 2022

Bellagio Botanical Gardens - one of the best free attractions in Las Vegas!



  • Flowers - Bellagio Conservatory

    Bellagio Conservatory

    Flights of Fancy at Bellagio

  • Hot Air Balloon

    Bellagio Conservatory

    Flights of Fancy at Bellagio

  • Frogs spitting

    Bellagio Conservtory

    Spitting Frog

  • Frogs spitting at tourists

    Bellagio Conservatory

    Spitting Frogs