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What happens when scientists find a new species of frog that emits high-pitched sounds like a bat?  Naturally, you name it after the Prince of Darkness.

It’s Friday the 13th! Many are very superstitious about this day, but I consider it a LUCKY day!

With so much negativity out there lately, let’s focus on some positives. Here are five GOOD things about Friday the 13th

  • The Olsen twins were born on June 13, 1986.

    Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

    They got their start on “Full House” and then went on to create an empire: Books, videos, perfume, clothing, and much more!

  • The Hollywood Sign was officially dedicated on July 13, 1923,

    Hollywood Sign

    The Hollywood sign is an iconic piece of California culture. When it was officially dedicated on July 13, 1923, it wasn’t supposed to last for more than two years. Originally, the sign was installed to promote a new subdivision in the Hollywood Hills.

  • Super Mario Bros. is released on September 13, 1985

    Super Mario

    “Super Mario Bros.,” one of the most iconic video games in history! It was released on September 13, 1985, exclusively in Japan. Since then, Mario has been in 170 games, including wildly successful spin-offs like “Mario Kart,” “Mario Party,” and “Paper Mario.”

  • Black Sabbath released their debut album February 13, 1970., and invented heavy metal.

    Ozzy Osbourne

    It’s the 44th best debut album of all time, according to Rolling Stone. Black Sabbath’s self-titled album is widely regarded as having created the genre of heavy metal, with instant classics like “N.I.B.” and “The Wizard.”

  • The best thing about Friday the 13th - IT'S FRIDAY!!

    It's Friday

    It’s Friday – CHEERS!!