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Stressed out. It’s now a “normal” part of our lives. And people in Nevada are feeling it.

There are so many different sources of stress – and new ones everyday. From the lingering effects of COVID-19, to work deadlines, to relationship tensions, to inflation.

 Overall stress levels aren’t the same across the country, though, and certain states worry far more than others about specific issues.

WalletHub compared all 50 states across four key stressors: 1) Work-Related Stress, 2) Money-Related Stress, 3) Family-Related Stress, 4) Health- & Safety-Related Stress.

They evaluated those stressors using specific metrics, and their corresponding weights. Each was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the highest level of stress. Then they determined each state’s weighted average across all metrics to figure out its overall score and used those scores to rank each state.

This might help understand how your state ranked:

Work-Related Stress – Total Points: 25: Average Hours Worked per Week, Average Commute Time: Half Weight, Average Leisure Time per Day, Job Security, Unemployment Rate, Underemployment Rate, and Income Growth Rate

Money-Related Stress – Total Points: 25: Median Income. Adjusted for cost of living, Debt per Median Earnings, Median Credit Score, Personal Bankruptcy Rate, Share of Adults with Financial Anxiety, Economic Security Score, Share of People Unable to Save for Children’s College, Share of Adults Paying Only Minimum on Credit Card(s), Share of Population Living in Poverty, and Housing Affordability

Family-Related Stress – Total Points: 25: Separation and Divorce Rate, Share of Single Parents, Cost of Childcare, Parental-Leave Policy,” Parental Stress, Share of Parents Without Emotional Support,  and Share of Parents Who Changed /Quit Jobs Due to Problems with Child Care.

Health- & Safety-Related Stress – Total Points: 25: Percentage of Residents 5+ Who Are Fully Vaccinated Against COVID-19, Adults in Fair or Poor Health, Adults Diagnosed with Depression, Mental Health, Suicide Rate, Unaffordability of Doctor Visits, Parents Frustrated in Efforts to Get Health Services for Their Child, Increase in Annual Health Insurance Premiums, Insured Population, Psychologists per Capita, Physical Activity Rate, Adults Getting Adequate Sleep, Bullying Incidents Rate, Crime Rate per Capita, Hate-Crime Incidents per Capita, Well-Being Index, Quality of Infrastructure.

Here are the MOST STRESSED STATES in the US

  • 1. Mississippi

    Mississippi has the highest number of people living in poverty.

    Most stressed states

    Andrey Semenov via Getty Images

  • 2. Louisiana

    Louisiana also works more hours than 46 other states.

    Most stressed states

    Doug Benc via Getty Images

  • 3. New Mexico

    Believe it or not, New Mexico has the highest divorce rate in the US.

    Most stressed states

    Maddie Meyer via Getty Images

  • 4. West Virginia

    West Virginia has the third highest percentage of adults in poor health

    Most stressed states

    ekolara via Getty Images

  • 5. Nevada

    Nevada also ranks among the lowest in job security, has the second highest divorce rates, and fewest mental health professionals per capita.

    Most Stressed states

    Oleksii Liskonih via Getty Images

  • 6. Arkansas

    Most Stressed States

    dk_photos via Getty Images

  • 7. Alabama

    Alabama has some of the lowest credit scores in the US

    Most stressed states

    Allard1 via Getty Images

  • 8. Kentucky

    Kentucky is ranked the least healthiest state in just about every study done in the US. High tobacco usage, and very unhealthy lifestyles in general are attributed to this.

    Most stressed states

    MillefloreImages via Getty Images

  • 9. Texas

    Texans work the most hours per week, per capita. Time for a Lone Star beer.

    Most stressed states

    roxanabalint via Getty Images

  • 10. Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is tied with Arkansas and Alabama for lowest credit scores in the US.

    Most stressed states

    Tiago Fernandez via Getty Images

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