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I’m a wine drinker. I love good wines, and there are particular tastes and finishes I want when it comes to wine. I’ve been called picky, and a “wine snob” more than once!

Never was much for beer – until the last few years. A couple people in my life enjoy beer the way I enjoy wine, but I’ve found there a a lot of craft beers I really enjoy. I’m more of a flavored beer girl, and I’ve shared some in this post, from one of my favorite breweries in Las Vegas – Scenic Brewing!

Fist off though, some facts about Beer Day:

1. The date wasn’t chosen at random. 89 years ago – April 7th, 1933 – a new law took effect that allowed people to brew and distribute beer again. It was the first major step toward ending Prohibition.

2.  Beer is the #1 drink we order at bars, and it’s not even close.  47% of people say it’s their go-to drink.  Margaritas are next at 22%, then wine, cosmos, and gin-and-tonics.

3.  Budweiser is the brand with the best name recognition.  But the most POPULAR beer right now is Sam Adams.  49% of Americans have a positive opinion about the brand.  Corona is next at 46%, and it’s the most popular beer among women.

4.  A not-so-fun fact:  The production, distribution, and sale of beer is heavily taxed.  If it wasn’t, beer would be about 40% cheaper.

5.  The “fear of an empty beer glass” has its own word:  Cenosillicaphobia  (sen-oh-sill-ick-uh-fobia). And that’s just sad…

Check out the below beers. I guarantee there is one you will love. If not – then go to the last one, first!



  • Scenic Brewing's Blackberry Wheat

    Scenic Brewing

    Blackberry Wheat: Literally pounds of blackberry added per barrel near the end of fermentation. A fun  color, medium body, with a pleasant fruity taste, and plenty of blackberry notes. A great summer beer!

  • Scenic Date Nectar

    Scenic Date Nectar

    Scenic Date Nectar: A strong (10.6% abv.) Belgian dark brewed with date nectar – and it’s fabulous! It’s boozy, but the date nectar makes you believe it’s not. There are also notes of figs, raisins, and bananas. So – a breakfast beer!

  • Scenic Flying Cardinal Nitro

    Scenic Flying Cardinal Nitro

    Scenic Flying Cardinal Nitro -my favorite! Light chocolate, toffee and caramel flavors. This nitro goes down with a creamy mouth feel and just enough fizz for a smooth drinkablity!

  • Scenic Hopsfen Haze 3rd Anniversary beer

    Scenic Hopsfen Haze 3rd Anniversary beer

    Scenic Hopsfen Haze 3rd Anniversary beer: HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY SCENIC BREWING. A smooth chocolate and coconut – I told Jackie (bartender) it was like an Almond Joy. This is a really fun beer to celebrate any anniversary!

  • Scenic Root Beer