It’s the day where we celebrate the motherly figures in our life.

Mother’s Day signifies the love we have for our family, while enjoying the companionship of the person who helped define what “mother” means to you.

Whether your relationship is biological or not, it’s hard to find the perfect way to cherish and honor the person who changed your diapers, fed you as a baby and supported you when no one else would.

There’s no better place than Las Vegas (and we’ll admit we’re bias) to celebrate the queen in your life. The energy that this town emits — along with the array of things to see, eat and do — makes it overwhelming to find the perfect mother’s day activity.

No matter what the woman in your life enjoys, Vegas is sure to have it. Maybe she wants a fine dining experience at a top-tier casino and a shopping day. Or maybe she’s more of a “breakfast in bed” and “relaxation” type of person.

From ritzy experiences to chill community events, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to gift that “motherly” person in your life with something that’s unforgettable. It’s a day where you can reflect your gratitude and appreciation for the person who loves you with no conditions or exceptions.

To help navigate through Vegas‘ jungle of mother’s day activities, we decided to create this list of amazing things that appeal to any type of person.

But before you dive into this list, we would like to say a few words about this day. Mother’s Day is meant to be celebratory and honorific. However, for some people it’s a sullen reminder of who they lost or never had.

We know that this day can be filled with questions, confusion and depression. So, we send our love to those who’ve lost their mothers or to those who have difficult relationships with them. We also want to send love to mothers who’ve lost their children or to those who are yearning to be mothers.

Despite these situations, we hope you have an amazing and healing day. This is a day where we can celebrate our mothers and the women in our lives through things they want to see, eat and do.