LGBTQ+ representation in television was underrated and poorly depicted through out the ’70s and ’80s. LGBTQ+ characters were seldom scene and if they were, they were not always portrayed positively.

The AIDS epidemic was a magnified homophobia crisis during this time. Leadership during the ’80s fell short dealing with the epidemic leaving LGBTQ+ communities without many resources. The lack of knowledge, understanding and sympathy put thousands of Americans lives at risk. It wasn’t until AIDS activist groups started to fund raise and advocate for awareness. Publicizing information on safe sex started the turn in destigmatizing HIV/AIDS.

Having LGBTQ+ representation in mass media was huge. Shows like Archie’s Bunker’s Place (1980), Barney Miller (1980), The Golden Girls (1986), 21 Jump Street (1988) and many more, were small windows into the future of what “gay characters” could be. Having LGBTQ+ characters helped normalize gay culture and the rolls they played in everyday life.

Today in 2023 and even the last decade Queer representation has shown major improvement when it comes to LGBTQ+ roles in modern television. LGBTQ+ actors are gaining more notoriety for their talents and are receiving major roles which wasn’t previously common. Shows like Will & Grace (1998), Glee (2009) and Euphoria (2019) have lead actors with detailed storylines of their own that emphasize LGBTQ+ culture.

Our friends at conducted a survey using Goggle Trends to find out which LGBTQ+ shows is most popular in each state and worldwide. The research scanned over 45 LGBTQ+ TV shows from this past year from Mashable, ET Online and Rolling Stone. The results are interesting as Nevada and one other state have chosen the same show as their favorite.

Despite what each state has, we are happy that representation in media is taking a front row seat. What are Nevadans watching the most when it comes to LGBTQ+ TV shows? The answer is below: