The Mike and Carla Morning Show! It’s all fun and games – until it’s not.

Our KKLZ family was hit hard with some very bad news recently, and it’s affected us all. The hardest hit was our Executive Producer Morty.

We (Mike, Carla, Morty) all joked on the air recently about Morty having to get a colonoscopy – as many of us have had, or will have to do. There were complications while doing the procedure, because Morty’s doctor ran into a mass in his colon. With scans, tests, bloodwork, Morty was diagnosed with cancer. One of the most horrible, god awful words anyone can ever hear, and we wish no one EVER had to hear it.

Colon Cancer, with small spots on Morty’s liver, and some of his lymph nodes have been affected as well.  He has started Chemotherapy to hopefully shrink the mass, and control the other areas, so they can eventually remove the mass – and kick the cancer’s ass!

Morty is our family, as well as yours. He wanted to let listeners know what was going on, because there will be days he won’t be in the studio because of his treatment, and days he might just plain old feel like garbage.

The pandemic, put a lot of things on hold for everyone. To all of you – if you haven’t been to the doctor because you’re afraid, or you’ve just put off going for some reason – GO!! So you know everything is ok! And if it’s not, there’s generally SOMETHING you can do about it, if you know what it is!

Keep Morty in your thoughts, prayers, meditations – we ALL appreciate it. Especially our Executive Producer, Morty – who we we expect to stick around for many years to come!